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Come get free Big Poppa Smokers Stuff Contest!!!!!!

Big Poppa

Here we go again!!!

Enter to win You cant win if you dont enter and everybody that enters wins!

first prize $25 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Prize $15 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Prize $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

everybody else that enters gets a $5 credit.

Comeon lurkers and newbies...show us some stuff!
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Ok, more seafood! We love this time of year. Halibut season opened last Sunday. This fish was swimming yesterday.


Some of the nicest Ahi I've seen. It's a thousand times better fish than last weeks cook.


It' unseasonably warm here, should be more like 55 degrees, but it's 70 and gorgeous.

Some Desert Gold on the Ahi and sesame seeds. Oops, you'll need to wait for the grilling pic for that!

Halibut I kinda stole from BP, but I put Desert Gold, Mustard and then put on the potato slices. Then sprinked with Hawaiian black salt.


A hot slaw of cabbage, carrots and onion with a little Yoshida's. The leftover potatoes as a tiny side dish.


Onto the Yoder...


Time to eat! The entire meal from prep to plate was less than 30 minutes. This is one of the main reasons I love doing seafood on the pellet machine.



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Working all week so only chance I had to cook something.
First try at some beef ribs. Wasn't sure how they would turn out so better have a backup.


Time for a little foil



looking good




Beef ribs turned out pretty good. Not like the pork but ok.


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My family did not do the big traditional turkey or ham dinner this year. Instead we spent the day hanging out and making sushi. Living in a small town in a landlocked area means that getting my hands on sushi grade fresh fish is mighty difficult. Enter pellets!

Friday night I got started by brining some walleye in a green tea brine for an hour then smoking it with some maple pellets and green tea leaves. Oh yeah I also cleaned my Traeger up that after noon.
Ohhh shiney!


And the fish.

Saturday I thought we were having the family over to our place but we wound up going to my moms instead. They have my old gasser so I took some pellets with me.

While the old rig was warming up I toasted my nori.

Once I had it toasted I added my smoke pouch and cranked the heat. Once it was good and hot I put on some skewers of shrimp and some scallops along with my smoked walleye and a couple pieces of chicken.


I cooked it all fairly fast and dirty so it didn't catch as much smoke as I was hoping for. But here it is off the grill.

I had great intentions of getting some pics as we rolled our sushi up but it did not happen. Turns out it is a messy job making this stuff. Here is what we wound up with.


It was a fun way to spend time with the family. And it did not hurt that everything turned out so well. Thanks for looking guys.


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Prep for Easter

This year for Easter I decided I was going to cure and smoke the ham for the our ever-enlarging family get tgether. This started two weeks ago with the brining and curing the leg of pork and then into the smoker for the 36 hr. smoking process.

The ham in the Bradley ready to smoke. The smoke generator crapped out right at the start, so I loaded up the AMAzen pellet smoker with BD maple and apple pellets for 6 hrs. of smoke.

After 36 hrs. and IT of 145F. Now off to the fridge for a few days wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and foil.

The ham is now in the UDS getting cooked for the big meal. It sure do smell good! More to follow.....
Well, everyone was starving, so I had to carve the ham before I snapped a picture. Here's one side completely gone.

The plated selection of the feast clockwise from top: ham, sour cream cucumber salad,strawberry/almond/ basil salad, cheese and red pepper latkas, scalloped taters, center-scalloped green bean casserole.

And for dessert, your choice...white chocolate raspberry swirl cheesecake or pistachio cake.Mmmm
Apparently the home cured ham was a success. I've been appointed the head hambone for life.:rolleyes:

Enjoy! We sure did.
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Baby Back ribs with Foil love sauce

Started with 5 racks of baby backs, applied Alton brown rub with 1/2 the salt.
On the MAK for 2 hours @ 225F with BD Hickory


Time for some Foil Love - Foil wrap with more rub, butter, honey and a couple of glugs of white wine.

2 hours in the foil, one @ 225F, one @ 250F

After the foil, pour all of the liquid from the foil into a pot. de-fat with a fat separator or by skimming it off the top.

Bring to a boil, stirring frequently, until reduced by at least 1/2, or until it starts to thicken.






Plated with homemade mac and cheese and roasted garlic broccoli





yeah, they were good!


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Rib Roast and Veg

Season and put a 5 lb rib roast on the mak.


On at 225 with a hickory load for 4-5 hours till a it of 125

Prep some taters with a little S&P, duck fat and garlic powder. In the oven for 1 hr at 400


Prep some brussel sprouts


Cook for 35 minutes at 400


Roast done


Rest for 20 minutes

Pull the taters and sprouts


Time to eat. A little aujus on the side




Alright all, some very nice cooks this weekend! Here's the field:

flypig - Halibut and Ahi Tuna
Fishingbouchman - Pork and Beef back ribs
soupyjones - Sushi
Salmonsmoker - Ham dinner
FLBentRider - Pork back ribs
RickB - Rib Roast

And this weeks winners are!!!!

3rd Place - flypig - Halibut and Ahi Tuna

2nd Place - RickB - Rib Roast

1st Place - Salmonsmoker - Ham dinner, excellent plated shot, love the diversity and the ham looked fantastic!

Honorable Mention: soupyjones for a shiny clean pit and freshly foiled drip pan!


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That was a good week guys. Congrats to the winners and thanks for judging Scooter. I will wear my honorable mention with pride.


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Well I can tell I will never win.

I spend my time cooking and eating. Don't take the time for pictures.

And congratulations to the winners. Fine looking meals all.


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Well I can tell I will never win.

I spend my time cooking and eating. Don't take the time for pictures.

And congratulations to the winners. Fine looking meals all.

Oh yes you can! It takes me a total of 5 minutes or so for pics during the cook. Three while plateing. Go for it dude! Big Poppa gives you 5 just to enter. No brainer!


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Oh yes you can! It takes me a total of 5 minutes or so for pics during the cook. Three while plateing. Go for it dude! Big Poppa gives you 5 just to enter. No brainer!

I think I cook something special but someone here always does something over the top. Great motivator looking at some of these cooks. But like RickB said free money. Just put in an order yesterday and getting all kinds of goodies.
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