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Ok Kids there are many ways...I'm going to let you in on just one that works great with pellet cookers.

Im not telling you everything...hehehehe

Pre heat your pellet smoker to 275....

Trim the chicken....I didnt take pics of this...some people in comp take the skin off and scrape it (carefully) to get fat out and off it, then square it up.

with the sking side down trimthe meat on the sides (where the bone sticks out...flip over and one of the non bone sides the skin will pull back easily and expose a line of fat. Trim that square flip it back over skin side down and square up the remaining side.

You can put a cup pf marinade in a pan..or not....season chicken put in pan....put about a stick and a half of butter for 8 pieces..... and the rest on the side.

cook for 30 minutes then foil the pan TIGHTLY
cook for another 30 minutes and take the foil off....check internal temp....needs to be at least 165 175 is more betta
dip in sauce

bite through...this is not how our comp chicken looks...this is just some quick thighs to go with some ribs I cooked


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I am scheduled to cook some chicken thighs for company this week. I will try this method. BP, your food looks great, as usual.


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Uh-oh you just let a big cat outta the bag!..I hope nobody here in ca sees this..this trick can change someones whole game.


I've heard of the "Scraping fat off the skin" tip, but never tried it.

That method looks easy for home cookin'
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Ever try mayonnaise? I use it all the time and works great … also helps with rub … I did a whole chicken this weekend using it ..

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I've read and found some videos on comp chicken that explains what you talked about. I was wondering why the thigh isnt deboned. I'm sure the bone imparts flavor to the meat while cooking but it shouldnt be enough to make a difference considering all the flavors that are added by the cook.


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I learned the hard way that this method doesn't work with all cookers! Some like it better than most. It's sounding more and more like the MAK is going to have a place on the comp trailer real soon. All I can say about scraping skins, avoid it if you can! It's not fun.


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Thanks BP for the insight. This has been one of my tuff-est things to accomplish on my pellet grill bite though chicken skin.
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