Condolences To Sparky


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I wanted to say sorry about your 49'rs bud. That was a good game to watch.
At least there is always next year.


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I'm only going too feel sorry for you for one night Sparky :) I know it was a tuff loss for ya... I bet Kyle Williams doesn't sleep for awhile.


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d@mn. tough lost. well, in my opinion they didn't play all that well. bad passes, dropped balls. if you can't convert on 3rd downs you don't deserve to go the superbowl. why didn't he stay away from the ball!!! or at least hold on to it when he did have it? ok, deep breathe. in with the good air out w/ the bad air. do this 50 times and all will be good. or better yet. grap a FT and go sit w/ your maks. they always make me feel better. got a pork butt on #63 right now. cooking it hot and fast @ 325°. :cool:
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