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Big Poppa

I cant wait to see what you kids are up to.....

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$5 Store credit for all that wins....

How about a mexican theme? you don have to but if you win it's an extra $10 Credit!

Wing Commander

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Chicken Wings and Chicken-Banana-Bits

Nothing mexican, but today was wings time again - and a little bit more: I diced 2 chicken breasts, cut 2 bananas in clices and then rubbed both of them with a new created spicy banana rub. Those chicken dice and banana slices were wrapped together in bacon and put on onion shells. The wings were rubbed with Blues Hog.







At last the wings were glazed with Blues Hog Tennessee Red Sauce and the Chicken-Banana-Bits with Sweet Baby Ray's Raspberry Chiptole.





That was a perfect lunch: wings are always great, but the Chicken-Banana-Bits have been even better! The raspberry and banana combine to a perfect harmony.


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Started with St.Louis ribs from Costco...


First rack rubbed with Instant Gourmet Original...


The second one was rubbed with Fine Swine and Bovine...


The third rack was rubbed with Super Pig Bacon Rub and some homemade "Deathpowder" (Serranos,Jalapenos,Habaneros, and red jalapenos) :eek:


Memphis preheated to setpoint of 260F with oak pellets. Then I put on the ribs for 2 hours...


Meanwhile I got some bacon out...


Then I rubbed the bacon with Super Pig...


Into the fridge with the bacon. After 2 hours I pulled the racks and 2 were foiled with brown sugar, butter, and honey...




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And then the rack that was rubbed with Super Pig I did something different....


I separated the ribs and then wrapped each rib in bacon...


Then all back on for another hour...


After an hour I removed the foil from the foiled ribs and moved the bacon wrapped ones to the top rack. Then I used the juice left in the foil to make a sauce...



I added extra brown sugar and honey to thicken the sauces and then re-basted the ribs every 10 minutes for 30 minutes. Then turned the two racks over and bumped the temp up to 350. After 10 more minutes the racks had a nice color and were finished...


I gave the bacon wrapped ribs about 20 more minutes on the top rack to finish the bacon. Then pulled them.



Pulled and rested for a few on the cutting board...


All the ribs after carving...



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Money shot of the regular ribs...


Well all the ribs were great! The bacon wrapped ribs were amazing!!! The sweet of the rub and the heat of the death dust made for one great ribs. I will be doing this again :)


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Ok well I'm winging it here. :p Trying a leg of lamb for the first time.

Putting together an herb rub... I'm not an experienced chef nor do I have a ton of seasonings etc. lying around, so I'm going with what I've got. Dried stuff plus a little fresh rosemary.


"Sauce" for dipping the lamb in at the end. (Yeah I know it's not mint jelley. :p )


Rubbed first thing in the am and let sit till mid-afternoon (sorry the pic's a little dark).


On the grill @ 275 (oak/apple pellets).


Will pull probably around 145-150 I guess, not quite sure... will depend on how it looks I guess. It's cooking now, and I'm spritzing occasionally with a red wine and soy sauce spray.

Hopefully this'll work out... we'll see! :rolleyes:

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I poked around the web and decided to pull at 145. So here goes:


Meat set aside to rest, while I bump the grill to 350 to cook some asparagus (because it seems one can't enter a competition here without something other than just a hunk of meat :D ) :


Ready to carve!


This was exactly what I was hoping for, my wife and I both like it on the rare side, and this was just about right for us; as far as I could tell, it was cooked all the way through, but still red and very juicy. The thinner side of the leg was done a bit more, more towards the high side of medium rare, but still not overdone. Ok this was maybe not the world's fanciest cut of meat, lots of sinew made it a bit hard to carve (plus I don't have a $200 knife ;) ), but it came out ok, here it is plated with the asparagus, the two sauces pictured above, and an Argentinian Cabernet.


Flavor-wise this came out nicely, as good as I could've hoped for my very first attempt at anything remotely like this. The lamb was milder in flavor than some lamb I've had, not as "gamey" though interestingly it varied in intensity depending on which part of the meat you were cutting from. The herbs worked fine, mild but enough to taste, and the mix of the herbed outside with the cherry sauce really worked well. Yeah I know mint is the standard thing for lamb, but I just wanted something a bit more fruity. I was kinda hoping the cherry sauce would be even more on the sour side, but it was still very good. The raspberry jalapeno was ok, but too sweet and not enough jalapeno for my taste.

My main failing here was the wine was not the right pick; I was expecting a bit more intense meat flavor, and between the relative mildness of the lamb and the fruit of the jelly, the thick cabernet was a little much. Oh well, I'm not a professional sommelier, either. :p

Thanks for reading.

GA Que

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Winner, Winner, Salmon-Cilantro Burger Dinner!!!!!!!!!!!

Fresh Salmon-Cilantro Burgers
Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado, Cilantro and Lime
Roasted Summer Squash with Olive Oil, Garlic Powder and Parmesan Cheese

I hope you enjoy because this turned out to be very good and I think with the Cilantro and Jalapeño in the Salmon Burgers it might just fit into the Mexican category.

Here are the ingredients minus the green onions which I left out by mistake.

I then made the sauce that goes on the bottom of the bun. It had Mayonnaise, Fresh Chopped Cilantro, Fresh Lime Juice, Salt and Black Pepper. Then I chilled it until everything was done so it would thicken up.

Now was the time to make the Salmon Burgers. The mixture consisted of Wild Salmon, Dry Bread Crumbs, Cilantro, Green Onions, Jalapeño, Lime Juice, Salt and Black Pepper. All thrown into a food processor.


Now formed

Now on to the first side which was Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado, Cilantro and Lime

The next side was Summer Squash with EVO, Garlic Powder and Parmesan Cheese. I then put it on the MAK @ 450 while I ran inside to grab the Salmon Burgers.

Now the Salmon Burgers still with the Temp @ 450 with about 2 1/2-3 min. per side then flipped.


Here is the finished product w/sides and a nice cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
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Braised short rib and green chili chicken tacos with black bean salsa.

I wasn't sure what to make today when I woke up. All I knew was it was going to be Mexican and I needed groceries so off to the store I went. After roaming around the meat section I had in the cart some short ribs, baby back ribs,chicken breasts, chicken thighs, sausage, chuck roast and bacon.
Oook ..I'm thinking short ribs and chicken tacos it is!

I dusted the short ribs with mas quapo seasoning and put them on the MAK set on smoke for 45 minutes or so.



Next up I made the black bean salsa.


This is a really simple and fast recipe. Besides being good on any kind of taco, it's good with tortilla chips or added to enchiladas.

Start with 2 cans of black beans and add 1 each of green, yellow and red bell peppers, a bunch of small green onions, 5-6 Roma tomatoes, a couple tomatillos, a diced fresh jalapeno, a pretty good size bunch of cilantro ( we love cilantro!) and the juice of 1 lime.
Mix it all together & refrigerate. Right before you serve the black bean salsa dice up some avocado and gently mix that in.



Up next was getting the chicken breasts ready and on the MAK.
I cut a pocket in each breast and stuffed it with green chili and cilantro and then tied them up to keep as much chili in them as possible.




At this point I've set the MAK to high to braise the ribs in an iron skillet and to cook the chicken at a higher temperature.

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Oh yeah 390 is working like a dream!

While the short ribs and chicken are cooking I made a rum, agave, lime and mint melon dessert.

I cut up some honeydew melon, cantaloupe & watermelon & set it aside. Then I mixed together the juice of 1 lime, added a tsp or so of agave syrup, plus 5-6 fresh chopped mint leaves. The wife loves rum so thats always a good option at our house! So in went a good shot of Bacardi. Give it a quick stir & pour it over the melon and refrigerate.


The short ribs are done and the chicken is moved over the flame zone.



I sliced the meat off the bone and set It aside to use in a tomatillo, garlic and lime sauce.

The wife ( Mrs. sissy sauce) loves tomatillos & lime. So In the blender I mixed together 1 tomatillo, a clove of garlic, the juice of 1/2 lime, and a few cilantro leaves. I puréed that for a couple of minutes and added it to some of the sliced short ribs. I covered the croc with foil & put it back in the smoker. It had a strong tomatillo & lime flavor but the wife loved it! And so did I.


At this point the chicken is almost done so lastly the tortillas are warmed up in the warming drawer on the MAK.


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Chili Head

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The chicken is done and sliced up.


The veggies are diced ( including my finger ) .. "damn knife bit me!" i said..The wife said.." don't drink and dice John!" hmm I just reminded her five minutes ago that new knife I just got was VERY sharp.

Everything is ready..Time to plate it up!

First up is the wife's plate. Hers looks awesome!
She has a chicken taco with crumbled queso fresco cheese, avocado, tomato and black bean salsa on the side.
A margarita glass with rum mellon sits off to the side.

On my plate I have a chicken taco with black bean salsa and queso fresco cheese ,a short rib taco with the tomatillo, lime and garlic sauce,black bean salsa and queso fresco cheese. Of course I had to have jalapeños and hot sauce with mine as well.





First just doesn't get any better than this!

I tell ya what..I'll be using short ribs again! These little guys have tons of flavor and i had no idea they were going to be this good. I only picked them up because I remembered BP's post on short ribs. Even being well done they were moist and tender. Tonight's meal was so much better than packaged spice on ground beef. Nothing beats home made..right?
The chicken turned out equally as good. The green chili and cilantro stuffed inside gave it a nice flavor. Next time I'll marinade the chicken to boost the flavor even more. The rum mellon hit the spot after eating a couple of over stuffed tacos. Nice and light.

Thanks for looking!
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a little dinner.

welp, da players.


all seasoned up.


i'm loving this cold smoke tube.



opened the door to check on things. wow, alot of smokey, smokey.


colded smoked for 2 hours w/ Hazel. onto the #336. put my tube thing in the mak @ 275°.


after a little while i put everything on my grill grate.


looking good maynard.....


and Waa Laa. some chops, sausage, salad, stove top stuffing and moo juice. a perfect meal.


thank you.


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I wasn't going to enter the contest because it isn't Mexican, but BP said go for it so here is my cook again (including my first grill accessory) - it is a must for a Pacific Northwest Griller



Everyone said I had to break the new grill in with bacon, and I thought the fattie's looked pretty happening, so here we go. We mixed half and half sausage and burger, sauteed potatoes, onion, green pepper, red pepper, and mushrooms, added some garlic salt, and piled cheddar cheese on top






Then it was on to the Memphis at 250 with Hickory pellets


Added corn on the cob with garlic butter and lemon zest (oh my gosh, to die for!) during the last 20 minutes of the cook. Then pulled at an IT of 160


Plated with a tall glass of home brew (one of the best batches I have ever brewed, if I don't say so myself)


And there you have it, my first shot at a fattie and my first meal cooked on a pellet grill. It was actually more fun than any 2 people should be allowed to have!!! And it was one fantastic meal to boot.


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By the way, you can't really tell from the picture (the deck is wet but you can't really see the sheets of rain), but we had a real frog choker come through right in the middle of the cook. Thank heaven for the new canopy!!! I will be getting a lot of use out of this purchase.


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This morning I made my own rub with some coffee, granulated garlic, onion powder, fresh ground black pepper and Kosher salt and rubbed it into both sides of the meat really well. The meat sat in fridge all day until it was time to cook

Ready to hit the grill..

While the charcoal started in the Weber chimney, I made up a sauce for basting of Balsamic vinegar, brown sugar, soy sauce and a dash or three of sesame seed oil..

I put the flanken on the grill with a handful of wine soaked oak pellets and an open to pot of pellets.

I basted them with the Balsamic sauce while they cooked; three minutes each side. Here they are resting while I whipped up an arugula salad and some summer squash.

And the plated shot:

They were delicious!
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