Contest!!!! has Spring Sprung?

Big Poppa

Lets get it going big and deep....Ill double the prize money if we get twenty separate cookers entering!

First $25.00 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second $15.00 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Everyone else that enters gets $5 store credit! Remember all of these amounts double if we hit the twenty!


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I really wanted to do something nice for the wife last night so I made her favorite dinner. She grew up on the west coast and really loves salmon. So I got some steaks.

And some shrimp I had in the fridge. Gave them some glue and home made salmon rub.

Threw it all on the Traeger with some garlic bread made out of old hamburger buns I needed to get rid of.

While I worked on that my wife offered to make a salad, so we had baby romaine with goat cheese, apples and nuts with home made dressing. Then she put my shrimp on it! Ah well.

One more.

Made for a happy missus. Now I can golf today! Thanks for looking guys.


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It’s Cinco De Mayo. Let’s have a little Latin flair!

Look at this bad boy boston butt. About 9 lbs.


Yea a little seasoning..let’s get it ready to go.

Get the Mak ready for a long cook. Fill that hopper.


Onto the Mak for a 15 hour cook. No foil to get that great bark.


Here it is about 16 hrs later.


Pulled and ready to use!


Now I did say it was Cinco De Mayo and I was going to go Latin…So here ya go..

Pulled Pork Carnitas with Salsa Verda and Black Beans and Rice


Money Shot




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De Bebe and I decided to make some burgers this evening. We don't really eat bread in this household. So, we did them on some meaty portobello mushrooms.

We started with roasting some tomatoes on the MAK as we were getting the grill up to temperature.

While those were on the grill, we got the portobellos seasoned with some olive oil, salt, pepper, a tiny bit of Desert Gold. We did olive oil and Desert Gold on some onions, which we packed in foil.

We put the onion pack on direct heat on the grill grates. Then, we moved them over as we got the grill temp up to about 400F--just because I couldn't wait any longer. I put the burgers on the grill grates.

After the burgers were mostly done, the portobellos went onto the grill grates. One burger was a bit bigger than the rest. So it stayed on the grates a bit longer. The others went to the indirect side.

A bit of cheese melting while De Bebe finished the portobellos.

We started to pull things off the grill. First the onions.


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Then, after resting the meat, we plated up the burgers. De Bebe, did a vegetarian style "burger" with bleu cheese, tomato, mayo, and onion.


We plated up a couple with onion, mayo, tomato, and cheddar.


We did one with bleu cheese, mayo, onion, and julienned green apple.

My plate had a half of one with cheddar and a half of the bleu cheese and apple. My bottle of Sol and my Coke Zero in the background.

I also had a bite of the veggie version, which was mostly eaten by De Bebe. De Bebe loves the Desert Gold on the mushrooms.

Our jealous audience.
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Southwestern chicken wraps and margaritas!!

Started with some chicken breasts seasoned with our own mix (little heat, little sweet little sour, and all yummy!!) and onto the Yoder with hickory pellets.

After a flip ....

Once the chicken was cooked I brought it in and let it rest for about 15 minutes, then cut up 5 of the chicken breast and added them to a pan with some spanish rice, can of black beans, can of fire roasted tomatoes with chilis, and one diced jalapeno. I let this all come together while I was preparing my tortillas.

Close up if the filling....

To the tortilla I added some shredded smoked monteray jack cheese and cheddar cheese that I had smoked about a month ago, a couple of dollops of sour cream and then the chicken mixture.

Rolled these up and then put them back into a pan for a couple of minutes to seal the fold a bit. Then transferred them to a baking dish. I think I may have over filled them.

Added a little enchilada sauce and some more cheese and moved the dish back to the Yoder to get some more smoke and to heat everything up and melt the cheese.

Ready for the plate - topped with some homemade salsa and more sour cream. And a perfect margarita on the rocks!!! I didn't have any fancy margarita glasses - usually out camping we drink them from a red solo cup!


We had a pineapple for grilling but I forgot....I think I was enjoying the margaritas to much!! We don't make them very often but for how easy this recipe was I will be making them more often!! The recipe sounds crazy but trust me.... VERY GOOD!

12 oz can of frozen limeade (thawed)
12 oz beer (we used Corona Light)
12 oz can 7up
12 oz Tequilla
and about 4 oz of Triple Sec

Mix all together and enjoy!!
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Mexican BBQ Ribs with Camote

Saturday I made mexican BBQ ribs and a mexican sweet potato dish called Camote.

Teaser picture!


I started this off by trimming up some spares and making the trimmings into tips for the wife. The tips just got a dusting of Meat Smack rub. The rib portion got rubbed with the wet mecican rub I'm about to show you.


Here's the ingredients I used for the wet rub on the ribs.


This is just enough for one slab of ribs.

1TB ancho powder or 3 ancho chillies
1 Tomato (skinned)
3 chipoltles in adobo sauce
1/4 ts cumin
1TB Mas Guapo
1TB chopped garlic
juice of 1/2 orange
juice of 1/2 lime


I ran all that through the blender and rubbed the ribs down. The left over I simmered on the stove to condence it down into a paste for schmearing later.




Into the MAK at 250° burning a mix of hickory,cherry and maple. These were foiled after an 1 1/2 hours.



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Here the tips are going into foil with a schmear.


Happy Happy!


Here I'm rubbing the what I'll call the paste over the ribs again before going into the foil. I put on a pretty good coating but left just enough to rub them again once out of the foil.




The ribs are going to cook another hour or so and thats just enough time for the camote to cook. This is super simple and compliments the spicy ribs perfectly.

I skinned three sweet potatoes and cubed them up into 1 inch cubes.



Next I buttered a dish and put the cubed sweet potatoes in. I covered the dish and cooked them at 375° for 45 minutes.

While the potatoes are cooking I got the other camote ingredients together.

1 stick of butter
1/4 cup of honey
a few dashes of cinnamon.


Told ya it was super simple!
I melted the butter and honey in the microwave for 30 seconds and gave it a quick stir.
Once the potatoes are close to done I poured the butter, honey and cinnamon over the potatoes and cooked them uncovered for another 10 - 15 minutes. Here they are going back into the oven.


The ribs are getting really close now and here they are coming out of the foil. Whooo they smell good!



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Two words.."OH YEAH"
One more schmearing with the paste I made earlier and the foil juices then back on for ten minutes.



Ribs are done so lets eat!!

The wifes tips are looking good!



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Lets plate up some mexican style ribs and camote.





I added a tortilla to sop up the honey butter from the sweet potatoes..delicious!
A cold XX to wash it down with was the perfect compliment to the meal.
The ribs....tender, spicy but not over the top spicy and the sweetness off the potatoes
went very well with the spicy ribs.

Thanks for looking!


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Dry aged ribeye's, shrimp, brussels sprouts and garlic toast

Ribeyes that were Drybag aged from March 24th to May 3rd. These are trimmed up and ready for the Yoder! Forgot to get a picture of them seasoned with our Tatonka Dust.


Shrimp seasoned with Tatonka Dust, some minced garlic, and about a tablespoon of butter cut up and added to the pan.


Steaks went on the grill for an hour at 150º getting some nice charcoal smoke, love the smell around the grill using charcoal pellets!! Pulled them off and fired up the Yoder to 550º. Here they are getting a couple of minutes on each side using the GrillGrates.


One the other side of the Yoder there was brussels sprouts, shrimp and garlic toast.




Ribeyes on the flip side…


Plated up…. Don’t forget the mushrooms and onions for the steak!



Thanks for looking!


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Beef Wellington Mak Style!
Hit some beef tenderloins with some Wee Willy's and let them sit..

Smoked until they hit 100 deg... pulled and let cool

Finely diced some mushrooms, onions and sauteed with Desert Gold, butter and Merlot..


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Simple burgers.
On our way back from a camping trip, the inevitable "what's for dinner? question arose.

Burgers it is...

on the MAK on HIGH

at the turn




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Looks like we fell short of the 20 cook mark but that doesn't make judging any easier and judging before breakfast is torture. Everything looks awesome and all the entries are winners.... but I need to get to work so here goes...........

3rd - Chili Head's Mexican BBQ Ribs w/ Camote - love the wet rub you used for the ribs and the sweet potatoes look like they were the perfect compliment to the heat of the ribs

2nd - Rick B's Cinco De Mayo Pulled Pork Tacos -great bark on that pork butt and the plated taco is just a beautiful picture but not so much that I didn't want to dive in and mess it up by eating it

1st - Roburado's Burgers on Portobello Mushrooms - I love a good burger in a bun but your burger wasn't missing a thing without the bread. The burger was cooked perfectly and the grilled tomatoes, onions and portobello's just put in over the top.

Great cooks everyone. Thanks to BP for the playground and the contest.


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Another week with some good looking cooks. I was too busy to cook any meals at home this past weekend since I was shooting in the NC State Silhouette Match. Actually won a few trophies for my class. I hope to be able to cook something, soon.

Congrats to the winners and thank you BP.

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