Contest! June 24...Smokin Pete is the judge

Big Poppa

OK Smokin Pete won last week and amazon lost....hehehe

Lets see some grub!

First place $25.00 Gift Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15.00 Gift Credit to BIg Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10.00 Gift Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

EVeybody who enters gets a $5 credit to Big Poppa Smokers!

smoker pete

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Ladies and Gentlemen ... Let the great smoking/cooking begin!! I am Ready!

I expect this week will produce more great and creative foods ... Let the festivities begin ...

For any new entrants just remember, the cook must involve pellets in some way. If not cooking on a pellet fired grill, then just show how you used pellets to create the smoke (foil pellet pouch, thrown on Grill grates, etc.).

Since you're cooking anyway take a few photos and post them here. You get $5 BPS Bucks just for entering & you never know; you may just win the whole enchilada!!



Classic American Cheeseburger Style Sliders - with Onion & Bacon

A week like we've had called for very basic & easy.

Spread 2 lbs. Ground Chuck into a thin layer on a 9" x14" cookie sheet and hit with some seasonings (we used Little Louie's).

Add a layer of American Singles & thinly sliced then chopped Vidalia Onion. Chop some Bacon & Sautée just until cooked, not crispy! The bacon will crisp up in the smoker. Sprinkle some Parsley flakes on top. Hot-smoke for 30 -35 minutes @ about 325°-350°

Since this was cooked hot & fast I went with Black Walnut pellets to kick the smoke flavor up a notch. They worked great! You guys need to get & try some of these pellets.

When done drain the grease & slice into 6 short X 4 long rows (24 mini square patties).
A 24 pack of mini dinner rolls are a perfect fit!

Serve 'em up and watch 'em disappear!



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Those sliders look great, Tent!

Today I cooked up a pan chicken. First I used a super secret sauce (apple sauce mixed with worcestershire) and then hunted for ninety hours for my mortar and pestle. Couldn't find it so I busted out the mini Cuisinart to grind up my rub together with some Turbinado sugar. Also I removed the frog mat and put it into the dishwasher:


Then onto the grill till 165 or 170 degrees. I moved the thermometer to the thigh after this pic was shot:


All done and a wonderful flavor. There was a nice spicy apple flavor to the chicken and there was no fussing. You put it into your pot and close the lid. I'll make this one again:



Tri Tip and Artichokes

Had some friends visiting from out of town and they bought me a bottle of rub and requested Tri Tip and Artichokes, being a good host I obliged-

Rubbed a tri tip in McClintocks tri tip seasoning (friends gift)


Onto he MAK running BBQer's Delight oak @275


Steamed some artichokes for about 30 minutes, cut them in half and remove the choke, hit them with Annies Garlic oil and Desert Gold.


Tri tip hit 140, put it in the warmer box and cranked up the MAK to High, sear the meat for 2 minutes a side over the flame zone on the sear grate


Cross and sear one minute more on each side, pull and rest



While the meat is resting, grill the artichokes


Ready to go

Slice the meat, I think that looks about right...


Served up with a salad and ready to eat. Can't beat the simple goodness of this meal!

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4 Buck Clucks

Fryer chickens were 88 cents/lb this week, and I had a $5 off coupon to use on any meat purchase.

Picked up 10 pounds of chicken, for $4 and change out of pocket.

Each one was rinsed and dropped into a 2 gallon freezer bag. (placed in a 9x13 pan - "just in case")


Used a bottle of Smoke On Wheels marinade for the overnight soak.


I'll flip them over before I go to bed, and once more tomorrow while the coffee is brewing.

They are headed to a Hickory loaded MAK mid-morning..


Getting 25 minutes of smoke..


After some smoke time, I'll bump it to 425° for 45 minutes, then down to 325° until they are done. (kudos to jimsbarbecue for the timing tips)

Now, where did I leave my coffee....



We've got some happy chicken sizzling away in there..



And, done. Gorgeous!


I piled them in pans to let rest in the cooler and steam a bit. I'm going to shred them and it is easier after they rest for a while.


Fall off the bone! :D


So juicy. I'll have to buy some more of this marinade. It is killer good.


Ended up with a nice pan of shredded chicken. I nuked the drippings and dumped over the top.


I see some tasty sandwiches on the menu this week!


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NEPAS Smokeout Cheesecake ! Savory & Sweet

Bourbon Pecan with Oreo Crust

Smoked a few pecans on the pellet grill

Oreo Crust

Bourbon flavored filling topped with pecans

baked in the pellet grill


topped with caramel bourbon pecan topping

Roasted Pepper (poblano, red, & yellow),Roasted Garlic, Smoked Cheddar, Smoked Pepperjack with blue corn tortilla crust

I didn't get a lot of prep pics on this - it was very similar to the test cheesecake I did a few weeks ago



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Bone In Rib Eye


I decided to experiment some and whip up my own rub. Brown sugar, cumin, cayenne, smoked paprika, Kosher salt.


I used Annie’s Roasted Garlic EVOO as glue and spread my experimental rub on to the steak.


On the Weber with some slices of Vidalia onion dusted with 3Eyz BBQ and black walnut pellet right onto the briquettes.






The money shot. This was a tasty and tantalizing experiment! The sweetness of the brown sugar combined with the zip of the cayenne was the perfect party in my mouth! And the onions……perfect with the 3 EYZ BBQ. The meat was not as rare as I like but I’m not going to complain.
Thanks for looking.


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Charcoal Prime Rib Eyes with Foiled Potatoes and Grilled Romaine

Picked up some Prime Rib Eyes from the local Butcher rubbed with a little garlic evoo and some some DSSR... Cut up some yukon golds and onions put on a sheet of foil and seasoned with some Little Louies and Desert Gold added some butter and fresh shredded parm... Romaine I just sliced in half then spritzed with some evoo..



Foiled some BBQ Delight Hickory pellets.

Fired up my trusty Weber with some 100% Lump and added my pellets.. Threw the potato pouch in for about 45 min covered and let it ride.... Added another Pellet pouch and then did the steaks.... Added the Romaine for about 2 min per side...The Chicken is for the non red meat eater... She doesnt know what shes missing!!




Served with a slab of garlic herb butter and a homade caesar vinaigrette...I still love Steaks on Charcoal!!


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just dinner for the fam.

some tators cut dime size. added 1/3 onion cut up, cilantro and some annies. onto #336 at 325º.


my daughter loves MAK'd broccoli. added some annies, hasty bake and some cheese. shaky, shaky in ziploc and onto frogmat.



started up #63 w/ my grill grates on 450º or so. i forget what it was set at. threw on some new yorks w/ DDSR.


looking good cisco....


well, i like desert. everyone is always on a diet around here. not me. i went to the farmers market and got some peaches and berry mixture. this is carter's dessert that i ripped off w/ a little touch of spark thrown in. i added into a ziploc w/ jim beam (i tilted the bottle up and counted to 10, didn't like that and i did it again counting to 5) w/ a handful of brown sugar, honey and vanilla w/ a whole lemon squeezed into the bag. let sit in frig for 2 hours.


took broccoli and tators off. i melted some butter into the pan and added brown sugar. added the fruit mix. looks good. must be 21 to eat at our house.


sorry but this is the after picture. ppl were hungry and we were drinking. my bad.


dessert was put on ice cream. it was good. got a kiss from wife and daughter on this cook and i didn't have to do the dishes.


this is 1/2 of the servings i had to make. when are these kids and their friends moving?


was a great weekend by the pool. 1st weekend off in a 1 1/2 months. ya buddy, surf up ppl.
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Not fair ... It's 9:30pm PST and we just got back to our room at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV and I'm famished!! Been on the road all afternoon and I had to make my contribution to the poker gods ... :eek:

Just looked at all the great cooks posted and I'm drooling on my laptop. Gonna ask for some patience from everyone until tomorrow night so that I can give all the entries the proper attention they deserve. This will also allow anyone a little more time to post an entry.

I hit a $200 video poker jackpot tonight when I got a Royal Flush. I played 5 nickles and got 4,000 in return :D :D Until tomorrow night.

Big Poppa

OHhhh no more entries Pete...I appreciate you judging but we have the rules pretty much set. Future judges Please try to get it done by Monday night. thanks

smoker pete

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So many great cooks but alas I must choose only 3. After agonizing over all the entries, here are the winners:
  • 3rd Place: CarterQ ... It's hard to beat a perfectly cooked Tri-Tip. The grilled Artichokes were a nice touch and with the salad it made for a wonderful light meal.
  • 2nd Place: Deb ... Bourbon Pecan with Oreo Crust Cheese Cake was just over the top. What a great way to use your pellet grill. Plus the Roasted Pepper, Roasted Garlic, Smoked Cheddar, Smoked Pepperjack with Blue Corn Tortilla crust must have been the hit of the NePas Smokeout. Great combo of dishes.
  • 1st Place: Squirtthecat ... Those 4 Buck Cluks!! What can I say that those photos have not spoken for themselves? That has to be the best looking chicken I have ever seen. Scrumptious ... Great job.

I appreciate all the other entries from TentHunter (love those cheeseburger sliders), SisInLaw (wonderful use of spices on that chicken), Susan (that Bone In Rib Eye was a killer), bflodan (great use of pellets on that Prime Rib cooked with charcoal), and last but not least, Sparky (I know I'll be making me some of those taters).

Thank you one and all and I apologize for not getting the judging done by Monday night ... Pete ... Back to the Casino, I feel lucky!!
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