Contest! pre Thanksgiving Contest! 11-18-11

Big Poppa

Here we go...
This is fun and I love it...just a couple of little hints. As the rules state this is a real time weekend event. Please don't enter previously posted cooks so you can get my money!
Also..... Also how do I say this......there is absolutely zero obligation to support our sponsor (me) but it is good karma. Buying and posting pictures of things I sell that you bought elsewhere at the same price and then cashing in your contest coupons for the exact credit slightly rankles me. I hope you get my drift.

Now the BS is out of the way Light your cookers!

first place $25.00 store credit big poppa smokers
second place $15.00 store credit to big poppa smokers
third place $10 store credit to big poppa smokers

everybody else gets $5 just for entering!

we have a rookie as a judge so make his initiation to judging tough!!! hahahah


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Chicken leg quarters

Let the fixing's began!

Based the quarters with Wickers Sauce and my own rub I been experimenting with.
Let set in fridge couple hrs.

On the MAK 1 star Peach pellets on smoke setting for 1 hr

After 1 hr flip um and stead as she goes captain.

After two hrs on smoke taters and baked beans are on and up the temp too 330*

Love this stuff two cubes chicken bullion dissolved in water pour over veggies then foiled to steam on the grill temp still on 330*


Chicken is pulled at 165* With little honey bq sauce to finish off...

Veggies are done smelling good cook time about 1hr.

Plated and ready to eat corn on cob, beans beans , veggies , baked tater, and southern sweet tea. IMO hard to beat good BQ chicken dinner. Ohhh got ahhh say Love my MAK 1 star General !


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To tell you how much we stink at this.....

Andy just got done smoking Lamb and Prime Rib and I made mashed sweet potatoes.... and NOT 1 PICTURE taken. LOL!!

BTW... it was REALLY GOOD!!!

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Pulled Turkey sandwiches with white BBQ sauce and slaw

Pulled turkey sandwiches with white BBQ sauce and slaw

First up was to make the bread for the sandwiches. I just used an italian bread recipie I've used here before. I seem to be using that alot!



Next up was to get the turkey breast going for the pulled turkey. I set the MAK to 265° using apple pellets.


I took all the skin off and set it aside to use later. Once skinless I seasoned the turkey with Big Poppas desert gold seasoning and I then put the skin back onto the turkey to give it more flavor and to keep it from drying out while cooking.



Into the MAK until the IT reaches 165°.


I sliced some purple cabbage up into thin strips and made a slaw dressing out of mayonaise, celery seed,salt and pepper and cider vinegar.


The turkey is done!


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Once the skin was removed I pulled the turkey.



In a bowl I added some turkey and Big Bob Gibsons white BBQ sauce and mixed it up well.



All right lets make a sandwich!!

Some home made bread piled high with smoked pulled turkey with white BBQ sauce, add some slaw and you're good to go! I had veggie fries with the sandwich tonight and a couple of dill pickle spears.




This was the first time I made a pulled turkey sandwich with the white BBQ sauce. I can tell you it wont be the last!! It was good!

Now I did leave room for dessert and here's what I made.


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Puff Pastry Chocolatines with Haagen Dazs peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.

To start this off I used one puff pastry sheet and cut it into 2 x 3 inch rectangles. I messed up at first and cut the sheet into triangles..whoops! I had to piece them back together to make the rectangles. Once you have your rectangles cut put on one tablespoon of chocolate on one end of the pastry. I used dark chocolate morsels for these. Then I just rolled them up and cooked them in the MAK for 15 minutes at 375°.





Getting there!


OK who wants dessert besides me??




Man that ice cream melts fast!! I almost sprinkled these with powdered sugar..I'm glad I didnt because they would have been too sweet eating them with the ice cream.
I would say tonights meal was a success!! The flavors I put together tonight worked very well together. The slaw dressing complimented the Big Bob Gibsons white BBQ sauce nicely. And the dark chocolate in the pastry thats not so sweet went well with the sweet chocolate and peanut butter ice cream.


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Smokey Mussels over Linguine

Wanted something different tonight and I had a seafood craving.. Was at Whole Foods and saw the Mussels and thought that sounded good...Was just going to do them in a broth but while they where on the smoker I decided to do it over Pasta.. Sorry for that lack of pics, I was solo with the 3 year and 12 week old...

The Ingredients...I forgot to show the red pepper flakes that I also added...


Diced up the green onion, 5 cloves of garlic, a roma tomato, 1 shallot and some fresh tarragon...Sauteed in some butter and then added some white wine, maybe about 1/4 bottle....I did that on the stove for the high heat and then put the sauce on the MAK for about an hr on smoke...



Brought it back inside and on the high heat I added the Mussels and covered for about 3min...Uncovered and added some heavy cream and back on the smoker thickin up a bit for about 30min on smoke setting....If I wasnt alone with the kids I would have tried doing all this over the flame zone...



Served over Linguine with some nice crusty French Bread


Came out really good and could taste the smoke flavor...Im going to try this again but do it all in the MAK griddle....
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Chicken Cacciatore (my way)

Red & Green Pepper, Zucchini, Shallot into a pan sprinkled with oregano, thyme, marjoram, rosemary, salt , pepper, crushed red pepper. , Chicken legs sprinkled with the same except the red pepper

into cook for awhile separately to get smoky

chicken into the pan, added a can of crushed tomatoes, some chicken broth and garlic

cooked til the chicken was tender and the sauce had reduced some

served with whole wheat spaghetti and some grated parm


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Tailgate butts.

Back to back home games plus a visit to a college with my oldest daughter made for a very busy weekend.

We have some friends join us for the tailgate and the game. 7 of them. Queue up the Q!

A couple of butts - one with Wild Willy's number onederful rub and the other with the salt lick clone.
Rubbed up and ready to go, on the MAK @275F

The next morning

One is done:


They go into FTC for the ride to the Stadium.

To be continued...


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We have been traveling and prepping for winter so we have had little time to cook... but my sisters bday was Sat and she brought the rest of the family over for dinner. Great reason to cook!
I decided to try some chicken cordon blue. I butterflied them and pounded them out a little to get them even. Seasoned with the last of my BP LL w/ pepper (I can not believe it is gone already... I have more to order during the next order for friends/family)
I used a sharp provolone with honey ham. Seasoned the outside well then wrapped tight and added a couple pieces of bacon. Silicon bands hold it all together.

We cooked a chicked the other day on the MAK and had left over meat. That was made into a buffalo chicken dip and a spinach artichoke chicken dip the on the MAK for a starter. (no pics... :(

After the chicken was on smoke for 30min, started prepping stuffed tomatoes. Simple recipe of breadcrumbs couple kinds of grated cheese we had in the fridge, garlic dust and some cream cheese.

Pulled the chicken at 160 and the tomatoes came off a few minutes later. Rested the chicken in foil tent for 15min. Made Qiunoa as a starch (we love this stuff)

Chicken done:


No plated dish since the family can never wait long enough for everything to be put together.

My sister and her family ended up staying over so we made our first breakfast dish on the MAK. Egg casserole thing that we through together will a lot of ingredients from the fridge. (eggs, hash browns, sausage, multiple kinds of cheese, some left over ham diced up and some scallions in the end) This is the only pic since we both have toddlers running around the house :0

If only my pictures came out half as good as the food... haha. Oh well. It was a great night and my sister loved her b-day!


Lunch. Salmon sandwich on toasted wheat bread with Mayo and mustard spread on the toast . Added fresh sliced tomato. cooked the fish with one side down the whole cook to get a little crunch to the fish. Slice and put on the bread. (eats better this way). When seasoning the fish, rub with a little oil and season well with your choice of seasoning. You can add more to the tomato if needed



Smoked Meatball Soup and Beer Bread

Cold and rainy here in Central Cali today so I decided to do a little meatball soup-

Started with the meatball mix- Beef, egg, onion, breadcrumbs, garlic, salt and pepper


Made little meatballs-


Onto the MAK running at 275


While the meatballs are cooking, start working on the soup. Beef broth, diced tomatoes, sliced portabellas, and garbanzo beans


Meatballs done after about 30 minutes on the MAK



Set the meatballs aside and start working on the beer bread. Flour, sugar, and a little italian seasoning


Add a can of beer and stir until moist


Into a loaf pan and top with melted butter


Onto the MAK running at 375 for about an hour



Smoked Meatball Soup and Beer Bread Cont.

Back to the soup-

Add some bow tie pasta to the mix


Once the pasta is done, add the meatballs and spinach into the mix


Ready to go


Bread is ready


Sliced up


Dinner is served


This came out great and hit the spot on a cold rainy day, the smokiness of the meatballs came through in the soup and made this a hit with the family.
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