"Cook This" - Challenge Guidelines


The "Cook This" section is a place to challenge the other members to come up with a Pellet-Cooked version of a recipe or dish.

Here's how it works:

1) The challenger posts a new thread with the recipe he or she would like to see adapted to a pellet grill/smoker. The challenger does not cook the dish, rather he or she is challenging the rest of us to come up with our best pellet-cooked versions. Of course the challenger can always come back later and add his or her version.

2) The challenge can be a main dish, side dish, dessert, appetizer, etc. but it should focus on that specific dish or idea and it's related components ONLY; not a complete meal.

Example: A French Dip Sandwich - would include the bread and au jus (dipping sauce) as components, but would NOT include side dishes such as fries or slaw.

3) Any member can take up the challenge to see what you can do with it. Simply post your version of the recipe in the thread as a reply. Please include steps, ingredients, and pics so we can all enjoy & learn!

4) It only makes sense that the majority of the cook should be done on a pellet-fueled grill or smoker.

5) There is NO judging and NO time limit! Folks can come back any time later to post their version of the recipe.

This meant to be a fun way to challenge our cooking skills & creativity while we learn from each other, so...

Don't be shy. Show us what you've got! :cool:
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