Crown Roast of Pork

First time to try this. For the most part I followed youtube video from Malcolm Reed of How to BBQ Right. Came out real good.

First off, I only had an 8 bone roast. Made it difficult to make into a crown, but did my best. Seasoned with BPS Little Louis with Black Pepper and then BPS Money. Then on the MAK 2 star on smoke for 1 hour:


While smoking, started the sausage, apple, mushroom cornbread stuffing:


Raised to 275 F after an hour. At about 140 F on IT, it was time to glaze:


Roast off the MAK and resting:


Stuffing done:


Rack sliced up:


All plated up:


Thanks for looking!



I haven't done one of these in a while. I usually just get a whole bone-in loin and don't french the bones (since the bones on one end aren't tall enough), which gives enough room to stuff the cavity, like this:
Apple-Smoked Crown Rack of Pork

HOWEVER... that's more suited for a larger family gathering. That 8-bone loin you did looks like a perfect size for a typical family. I like it and want to do one! I also really like the idea of the apple stuffing (instead of the regular stuffing). Apples always go great with pork.

Do you think there was enough room to stuff the cavity of this 8-bone loin?
Yours looks great! I originally wanted to put my stuffing in the crown, but there was not much room at all, so I cooked it in a foil pan. Yours was the right size for stuffing.
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