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I was recently given a couple of deer roasts and I am seeking advice on smoking them. Would I smoke them the same as a pork roast? beef roast? At what internal temperature should it be in order for it to be considered safe? What seasonings would best go with it?


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If its a roast cut of the hindquarter I cook them slow like a boston butt. I like to cook them at the same time; top rack butt, bottom hind quarter, that way the drippings from the butt fall on the hindquarter. Venison is lean, so you need some sort of fat. You can drape bacon over it as well. I cook at 235 to 250 till internal temp of 135 then wrap in foil put it in a cooler for 45 mins take out of foil let the roast sit for 15 min then cut.

I rub the roast with oil then add salt, pepper and garlic then wrap and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours before cooking.


As far as I know, venison is like beef as far as safety temps go.

One thing in addition to BRONX advise: Be sure you trim every bit of venison fat off that you can. Venison fat has a very strong concentrated flavor that just tastes bad, and that flavor easily gets into the meat when cooking.


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Great advice you received so far, another suggestion would be to marinate in milk for a few hours before your season or marinate in anything else. Dairy products provides moisture and tenderize meats and also the milk draws blood from the meat which removing blood will give you much less wild (gamey) taste to the venison.


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Not to hijack, but.... Have a venison question..

First, I will second the milk marinade suggestion. My sister did kebabs on the BBQ after soaking in milk, and everybody thought it was beef. No games flavors.
Super good.

Any tips for venison liver pâté?

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