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Did you ever ruin a smoke just by winging it?


Well, last time I did ribs, that was the case and I paid for it :(. Didn't read my notes, or follow my recipe, didn't pay attention to the clock, even winged putting together the homemade BBQ sauce... Results: dry, nasty tastings ribs with a sauce that was unimpressive. Bottom line: I got cocky and it put me in my place.

Fast forward to today. Never again am I going to do that. I've pre-read my notes. I'm following the smoking & the bbq sauce recipes, and have noted my timings. So far, the sauce has been made (and tastes great:p) and the ribs are doing their thing 1 hour into what most likely will be a 4 1/2 - 5 hour smoke. Stay tuned ...


Big Poppa

Im different. Other than comp 100% of my cooks Im winging it.....go to the market get an ideal ;fire up the cooker and cook it.


Well, it appears I definitely fall into the camp of 'follow your plan'. The Kurobuta Ribs turned out fantastic last night. I worked my plan. They got done in 4:50. Tenderness spot on, flavor profile the way we like it & the sauce was a perfect addition. Placed comment in my notes "Do this EVERY TIME!". :eek:
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