Filet Oscar (No, you are not seeing double)


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Last Friday Nancy and I were discussing what to make for dinner Sunday...We decided filets sounded good, hey let's make Filet Oscar! I was pretty sure I hadn't seen anyone do this cook for the contest in the last 12 months...

Imagine my surprise when I opened up the contest thread this morning and saw a Filet Oscar entry! (and NorCal my brother, you knocked it out of the park!)

What are ya going to do?....are stomachs were set on it, so here we go!

Started off with the Mussini balsamic vinegar w/coffee (from BPS) as glue and added some 8th Wonder of the World rub with a little chili powder for good measure...aaahahahaa! Just kidding Sparky, it was DBL Secret!

While the steaks got started, (on at 275), and with a little help from my Grandson Cale, I whipped up some twice baked potato cakes. (They were supposed to be Potato Peaks, but I think I had a little too much sour cream for them to stand up properly!)

Cale was a pretty good sport, but a lot of this meal was prepared one handed. When the filets hit 110 they were flipped and the rest of the fixings were added to the MAK. The asparagus was marinaded in Gadassi's garlic EVOO and BPS Double Secret rub with a little cayenne kicker. Here's a group photo.

Here's my plate.

Here's a 'cut' shot (notice I took a cue from Nancy and added béarnaise sauce to my potato cake)

Everything turned out awesome! Even the 'flat' potato peaks had a wonderful toasted crunchy bottom.

No dessert today (gotta draw the calorie line somewhere)!
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Looks good to me. I would eat those potatoes. I like a little crunch on the bottom. Did Cale help eat the potatoes, too?



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Did Cale help eat the potatoes, too?

Haha, no, I'm sure he would have, he's been chowing down various cereals and veggie goop mixtures. I didn't think of giving him some until after I had added sour cream, butter, smoked cheese, etc., not sure if he's ready the 'good stuff' yet! He surely wanted to help wrap asparagus with bacon!

Update: i just found out Nancy gave Cale some potatoes and he liked them!
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A very inspiring meal Rip! I love mashed potato cakes, but never thought of baking them like that. I like them!

I've never had Filet Oscar before either. You and NorCal's posts both make me want to give it a try soon.

Cale looks like he's up to something in that pic! :)


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Rip...How was the balsamic vinegar w/coffee glaze? Would you use it again?

Hey Joe, I love this stuff! Not only do I like the flavor it adds, rub sticks to it like's become my go to glue for beef.
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