First Pellet Cooker, and griddle question


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Hi all, first thanks to everyone on this forum for the wealth of information, it was very helpful while researching which cooker to buy. I settled on a MAK 2-star General, and the 17-18 model year closeout at BPS sealed the deal. My cooker is ordered! Now the awful, awful wait...

I am filling the hours and days by researching accessories, specifically a flat-top griddle. I did not order the MAK one because I'm not a fan of Teflon. That leaves a number of options... stainless steel like the Little Griddle, "seasoned steel" (whatever that is) like the Camp Chef toppers, carbon steel, or good old cast iron. I have no concerns about keeping iron seasoned, but most of the CI griddles I've seen don't have convenient grease wells or high walls. Really my only requirements are that it be durable, sizable, and that I can use metal utensils on it.

So, anyone have experience with or a favorite non-coated flat-top griddle that can go on top of the MAK flamezone? And, related to that, anything in particular about the MAK or the flamezone that would affect my griddle decision?




There is a Weber 7404 cast iron griddle that I use on both my Weber Summit E450 and my MAK 2 Star. It has a nice "lip" around and a drain notch to allow grease/oil to be scraped off. Just be sure you place the griddle on the main grates, do not remove the grates. Also, you can leave the Flamezone covered, setting the Pellet Boss to 450. It takes a while to heat up the CI, more than the MAK's griddle takes to heat. I use it mainly because I already had it.
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