For the comp.. Teams whats your best and worst category ?and why


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OK ME FIRST we have the hardest time with brisket it never seems to cook the same time after time we have walked in chicken and ribs and pork but pork has been are best so far

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We have been struggling with ribs the last few cooks We have gotten first and second on them earlier this year....We are going to fix that this weekend!


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BRISKET, haha. It never does cook as well at a comp as it does in practice even tho the only difference is location. We have the hardest time with Ribs and Brisket. Here in California the rib category is always very high scoring, so if what you are turning in is not top notch its really hard to do well. Brisket on the other hand is always the lowest scoring overall, a lot of the time the first place brisket doesn't even brake 170.
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