Found a gmg Daniel boone


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Hey all,
My name is Charles. As the title says, I found a Daniel Boone during bulk trash pickups. I plugged it in but it wasn’t working properly. Looked around the inter webs and decided that since the fans and auger weren’t working, then it very likely was the control board. I ordered one and upgraded to the WiFi. Changed it today and am proud to say that I got a Daniel Boone WiFi for 215 bucks. Plus a bag of pellets and a full hopper. So score!

I am new to pellet smoking but not new to smoking in general. I did most of my smoking with charcoal and while I love it, I did want to try pellet cause of the ease.

I look forward to lurking through the forums and learning your techniques and pro tips as I am definitely a pellet smoker amateur.

And if anyone is on Oahu, hit me up.
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