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Big Poppa

Here comes the judge...his name is Cliff and lets make his job agonizing.

Once again I will be giving every one who enters a $5.00 credit to Big Poppa Smokers
first place $25.00 credit to bps
second $15.00 credit to bps
third $10.00 credit to bps
I want to be able to smell the smoke from here!

bring it on!


I'm looking forward to judging this one. It should be another exciting one!

Since we're chaperoning my dauhgter's High School band - Wind Ensemble is going to State championships (yahoo!) - I won't even get a chance to cook until Sunday afternoon/evening.

I'm just gonna have to live vicariously through all the cooks that get posted, so really describe what the flavors and smells were like. What smoke flavor did you use? Tell me how moist, tender, or crunchy it was. Drive me crazy wishing I could eat your entry in person :)!

Edit/Note for the newcomers: Remember this is; be sure to use pellets somehow in the cooking method (pellet grill, charcoal with foil pellet pouch, a handful of pellets thrown in, etc.).
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Fresh Halibut Tacos with Spicy Pellet Smoked Oysters

I am lucky enough to have a great fresh wholesale seafood connection!! This Halibut was no more than 3 days old and it sure tasted that way!! I am an oyster fanatic but have never once once had them cooked!! Considering that my wife is PREGNANT with a beautiful girl Im going to have to cook these since she cant eat them raw..

Rubbed the Halibut with some EVOO then added some Little Louies and some Hasty-Bake along with some fresh squeezed lemon and lime!


Had some fresh Kushi Oysters.. Made a BBQ sauce with some Sweet Chili Sauce, Franks Red Hot, Butter and Fresh Garlic.

Set my MAK to high and threw the oysters on..

Meanwhile I made an Avacado sauce... In a blender added Avacado, Sour Cream, Fresh Squeezed Lemon and some Cayanne Pepper, blended at all then stirred in some Fire Roasted Salsa...Sorry no after pic!

When the Oysters popped I pulled them and removed the top shells.. Added my sauce and threw them back on about 10 min...Removed them then turned the MAK down to 300 and added the Halibut... Used the Oysters as the appetizer!!



Pulled the Halibut with an IT of 143.. Grilled some Tortillas on my Gasser(thats about all I ever use it for anymore) Flaked the Halibut with a fork added a little Cheese, Avacodo, Tomato, Avacodo Sauce and a little light Slaw..



We all Loved them!!!!
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Smoked Rib Roast

Started with a Rib roast. Keeping it simple. Rubbed with Salt, pepper and granulated garlic.
Onto the MAK on Smoke for a couple of hours, then 225F until the IT is 120F


Rested in FTC until 30 minutes before serving time. Then into a 500F oven for 8 minutes.




Served with a side of fresh green beans and Syracuse Salt Potatoes



The flavor was excellent. A nice smokey crust on the outside, medium rare throughout.
The salt potatoes are a must try if you haven't had them. They melt in your mouth. PM me for the recipe.


Italian Sirloin and Stuffed Zucchini

My better half was reminiscing about her Grandpa the other night and the memories she had of him cooking on the grill. One of his specialties was what he called "italian steak" Got the recipe from her aunt and decided to give it a whirl.

Start out with a 2.5 lb sirloin and trim off the excess fat


Marinate the meat with Olive oil, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, garlic, and fresh rosemary overnight (I cheated and used the marinade express for about 45 minutes)


Onto the MAK running on oak at 275


Sliced some zucchini


Put them on the MAK to smoke until slightly soft (forgot the pic here). Pulled them off and let cool a little bit. Scraped out the insides and saved it for the stuffing


Sautee up a little red onion and garlic in olive oil


Add breadcrumbs and cook until golden brown


For the stuffing- Breadcrumb mix, Chopped smoked zucchini, mozarella cheese, salt and pepper, and little fresh mint


Stuff the shells with the mix and top with grated Parmigiano - Reggiano


Smoked meat to an IT of 110 and then pulled off to sear.

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Italian Sirloin and Stuffed Zucchini Part 2

MAK cranked up to 350 and zuchinni back on


Sirloin onto the Hasty Bake for a quick sear and then pulled at 140


Meat rested and sliced


Zucchini done


Plated up with a nice fresh slice of sourdough


Dinner is served with nice glass of Chianti


This came out perfect, the meat was awesome, loved the marriage of rosemary, balsamic, and oak on the meat along with the carmelization of the sear. Stuffed zuchinni were pretty tasty too, with a few tweaks these could become a staple.

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Fish and Chips

First the Chips ... Tweaked a Party Taters recipe from Big Poppa. Scrubbed some taters, sliced em, put em in a ZipLock bag, threw in some Roasted Garlic EVOO, and tossed them with Fagundes Seasoning. Lined them up in a shallow pan.


Pre-heated to 400ºF and in for an hour and a half.


Next the Fish ... Took some Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon and seasoned to taste. The Better Half loves Teriyaki Baste & Glaze with Honey & Pineapple on hers and I prefer some simpler seasonings.


In for about 16 minutes at 400ºF till the fish easily flakes with a fork.


Done and ready to be plated. No fuss no muss ... In less than 2 hours you have a simple, nutritious, and delicious wholesome meal.


The money $shot ... 5 oz portion of Grilled Salmon, some Taters, a scoop of Corn and a side of Cole Slaw. Quick and Dirty Fish & Chips :D :D



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Here goes....

Ancho chili beef tacos & Roasted veggie-brown rice-black bean salad:)

started off with a good sized ancho chili

cut it up into pieces , covered it with some boiling water, added a little garlic, onion, cumin, mexico oregano, covered it all up and went and did a few errands
came back and put the pepper, some of the liquid, more garlic, some onion(not in pic), cumin, mexican oregano, coriander, chili powder, salt, pepper into the blender...... around the blender for a bit........

took a small chuck roast

cubed it up and into the traeger for awhile on smoke with oak

mixed the smoky beef with the ancho chili mix and 1/2 beer

back to the grill for a couple hours at 275

while the beef was cooking I worked on some roasted veggie/brown rice/ black bean salad

baked some brown rice with cumin, mexican oregano, garlic, chili powder, salt pepper. this rice rocked all on it's own - the rice had a slightly smoky, tiny bit of heat just from being baked with the spices

then foiled the beef up and back onto the grill, cranked it up to 350 to heat the grill grates - threw some veggies on to be used for the salad

veggies off the grill (except for the corn), turned the grill back down to 275 at this point

diced up the veggies, mixed with the brown rice, a can of black beans, a little more cumin, mexican oregano, salt , pepper, juice of a couple limes, olive oil. After the corn finished roasting cut it off the cob and into the salad.

to be continued....
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beef came out of the grill when it looked like this


Shredded the beef, warmed up a couple corn tortillas with some cheddar cheese, plated with some of the rice/bean/veggie salad

then dessert....... I was going to make a chocolate cherry clofouti but someone ate the cherries while they were draining :confused: so I had to resort to plan B -- we had bananas that needed to be used..... hmmm....... scooters bananas but how can I change it it, found a block of caramel in the pantry.... so banana, some dark chocolate and some caramel

off of the grill looked like this

onto a little vanilla ice cream, not pretty but....... the caramel brings it to the next level......

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Another experiment.

Center cut pork chops, Vidalia onion, zuchini and magic mixings. Plowboys Yard bird on the chops, seasoned salt & pepper with olive oil on the onions and bit of honey (not pictured). Olive oil on the zucchini and a bit of smoked paprika.

Apricot glaze made for the chops with a bit of brown sugar, Dijon mustard and a splash of apple juice.

While the fire was starting in the Weber chimney, I packaged up the hickory pellets.

Weber making some very happy smoke and a k9 companion ready to help I needed it.

Everything looking good and time to glaze the chops.

And here is the finest pellet smoking meal I've created so far. The chops were a tasty blend of zip and sweetness on the tongue and done to perfection. Nice and moist and tender. The carmelized onions added an additional adventure to the taste buds and were a perfect compliment to the chops. The salad was dressed with an olive oil and apple cider vinegarette with blended nicely with the handful of dried cranberries I tossed in for color. The Wild Blue Berry Wine (a gift and not something I would have bought) paired fairly well with the meal. Over all, these chops were really the bomb!


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Shrimp Burgers w/Avacado Aioli, Sweet Corn, and Key Lime Pie

I came home last Tuesday and MrsRip says, "You have got to see this cooking show, I DVR'ed it!"...So I sit down and watch this woman make Shrimp burgers with sweet corn. Wow did they look good! We both decide that's what we want for dinner this Sunday! We need a about homemade Key Lime pie? So, MrsRip gets on the internet and rustles up some recipe ideas...all week long we've been looking forward to making this cook and it did not disappoint!

First up, the Key Lime pie. Mixed butter, sugar, and graham cracker crumbs and placed in a pie plate, on to the MAK2 at 375 for about 25 minutes to brown. Remove and let cool a bit and then add the filling (juice from 1 and 3/4 bags of key limes, condensed milk, and eggs).

Back on the MAK2 at 325 for about 20 minutes, then chill at least 2 hours in the fridge.

Once the pie is off the grill, I blistered the peppers for the Avacado Aioli and the Jalapeno Butter.

Here's the ingredients for the Shrimp burgers, Avacado Aioli, and Jalapeno Butter:

First up, the Jalapeno Butter for the sweet corn. The previously grilled jalapenos were skinned, the seeds removed and then chopped. They were then hand mixed with softened butter, chopped parsley, chopped garlic, salt and pepper to taste.


Next up, the Avacado Aioli sauce...In a food processor, mix the avacado pulp, mayonnaise, lime juice (hey, got plenty of key limes left!), garlic, serrano chiles (stemmed, halved, seeded), cilantro, sea salt & pepper. Blend until creamy.

Finally, the shrimp burgers! In to the food processor: fresh deveined/peeled shrimp, bread crumbs, garlic, roasted/skinned/seeded poblanos, sea salt, pepper, and a little vegetable oil. Patty out and on to the MAK2 over the searing zone at 400. Also added was the corn. When the burgers were done, the corn was rotated to the searing zone, and eventually the buns were toasted there too. The plan was to get things ready and then cook around 6pm. I finished up the Avacado aioli and took a spoonful to MrsRip, (I had just sampled it myself), I go back out to the kitchen and start pattying out the shrimp burgers and she says, "Lets cook now!" It was 3pm, no argument from me!

The burgers came out great! They smelled wonderful, it was very hard not to eat them while the sweet corn finished!

Here's my plate:

And MrsRip's plate:

There's an amazing medley of flavors going on between the shrimp burgers and the avacado sauce! The jalapeno butter made the out of season sweet corn much better than it was, can't wait to try it on fresh sweet corn this summer! I know I'm a tad biased, but this was an awesome tasting dinner!!

But wait, there's more!

We were thrilled with how well this turned out! The filling was light, creamy, and very tart! The crust had a slight smokey taste (thanks to being browned before the filling was added.) We both thought it was the best key lime pie we'd ever had. Oh yeah, we decided to use whip cream instead of the sour cream/powdered sugar topping the pie recipe called for (in case you were wondering why they were in the ingredients photo).

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Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Blue

First try at this and I do believe it turned out good enough for guests ;D Swung by an Hispanic Meat Market near the house and had the Butcher slice me up some chicken breasts. He has all sorts of thin cuts and flattened meats. Initially laid out 4 slices of Bacon vertically and 1 horizontally. Layered half a Chicken Breast, Ham, Provolone Cheese, and repeated the process.


Rolled the layers and then used the horizontal piece of bacon to seal the ends.


Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Blue trussed up with hot cooking bands rather than toothpics.


Smoked the Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Blue for an hour using Apple. Here's what they looked like after an hour and before bumping up the temperature to 320ºF.


Pulled when the IT reached 165º and rested under a foil tent for 15 minutes.


The money $shot ... A nice Apple Smoked Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Blue and a scoop of Cole Slaw. The Chicken spoke for itself and little else was needed for a nice light Sunday night dinner. No, I did not scarf down the second one ... It was plated to balance out the money $shot :D



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Sparky's Mexican Pulled Pork Enchiladas

wanted to try something different. i believe i have accomplished this. string the swabby from the yardarm. the other one walks the plank, he be shark food for dinner mates.....



it's a great morning. so quiet.





onto #336 at 300º

after #336 at 300º

my dinner.

it was real good. got a kiss from my wife for this one. everyone liked it.
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Wow, past contests have been truly awesome, but the shear skill level being displayed for this weekend's contest by everyone is some of the best I think we've seen so far.


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wow, you ppl really laid it out this weekend. nicely done. ya'll really make this forum alot of fun. we are great cooks. yes we are. i just have one thing to say. i love KEY LIME PIE. sparky signing off for bed. good luck everyone. glad i'm not cliff. :cool:
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