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Big Poppa

OK kids...lets blow the doors off this one....should be great weather across the excuses to not hit me hard this week!

Lurkers and people sitting on the sidelines join money and tons of fun.

First place $25.00 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers...the only store that loves you
second place $ 15.00 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
third place $10.00 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers

Everybody else gets $5


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As "The JUDGE" this week, I encourage you to "show me what ya got". I am headed off to Hilten Head tomorrow for a week. I have packed my new iPad so I can keep track what everyone is posting and I can pick the winners. Good luck to all. Now go cook!!!



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As "The JUDGE" this week, I encourage you to "show me what ya got". I am headed off to Hilten Head tomorrow for a week. I have packed my new iPad so I can keep track what everyone is posting and I can pick the winners. Good luck to all. Now go cook!!!


Could'nt survive without my Ipad 2. Your going to love it!


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I bring to you Surf & Turf with a BLT Salad.
The team.

Wrap the bacon around a muffin pan.

On the smoker for 1 hour at 350

BLT Salad complete

Prep the Surf & Turf

Took the drip pan out and put the grillgrates on the flame deflector

Six minutes later flip them over

If i have to say so myself it was the best Surf & Turf i have had in a long time.


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Ribs Sparky style

3 racks of baby backs - with Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt w/pepper
on #106 with BD Hickory and Oak set to 225F

3 hours later - a little FL with white wine, honey, brown sugar and buttah.

2 hours later - Pour off the liquid in the foil, de-fat and reduce to a sauce






I can taste why sparky likes LLSGSWP on ribs. good stuff. The sauce kicks it up a notch!

You can tell when it is really good. dinner conversation is minimal at best when there is often a lot of chatter with other meals.


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Sirlion steaks, shrimp, twiced baked potato and some garlic toast

Didn't get much for prep pics - busy outside!!

Had some small sirloin steaks in the freezer that we seasoned with Tatonka Dust and some Canadian Steak Seasoning. Put those and a couple of loaded twice baked potato on the Yoder for an hour at 150° with some charcoal pellets.

Added some Tatonka Dust to the twice baked potato as well.

After an hour removed the steaks to fire up the Yoder to 500° and get a nice sear on the grill grates. Here they are on the flip side.

While the steaks were cooking I added the shrimp - seasoned with Smokin Guns - Sweat Heat. Added some butter and minced garlic in the pan as well.

Everyone getting happy!!

Plated up! Steak got an EXCELLENT char with the grill grates!! This is the first time trying the the Smokin Guns - Sweat Heat on the shrimp - WOW!!!! Probably the best seasoning we have tried on shrimp. We will be doing more shrimp with this for sure!!!

Nice sear and a nice medium center!! Two money shots!!

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Rib Eyes and shrimp
Mrs said to keep it simple tonight.. okie dokie..
Starts like this..

Mixed up some olive oil lemon juice, garlic powder and Desert Gold.. Threw in some Tiger shrimp..

Let them chill for an hour or so..In the meantime got some corn ready..

And some pineapple.. Man who would have known how good this stuff is grilled..


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Shrimp ready to go on...

Steaks almost done.. hmm pellet grills dont sear???

Shrimp onto the barbie!!

Looking pretty fine!

Yum Yum!! Thanks for looking!!

Kevin Arsenault

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Hello, everyone!

I have returned from UMBC, and I have decided to recreate what I made last year as it is part of my tradition.

For those of you who may not remember, the first meal I had posted on here was from the summer of 2011. It was my version of a meal I had from a restaurant located in Baltimore known as Miss Shirley's. In this post, I will remake another meal from the cafe. This time, I have smoked up the Sunrise Benedict.

I started out by seasoning pork shoulder with a Cajun rub, and then threw that in the smoker for an hour over a frog mat for a smoky taste later on.


After I pulled the pork out of the smoker, I gave it a bath in beer before slicing up butter to put on top of the meat.


Then, I placed the newly covered pork in the smoker. After a couple of hours, I started prepping collared greens with bacon ends as well as butter in order to enhance the flavor.


By this time, my mom had put cornbread in the oven. After just about all the food had been prepared, I whipped up some hollandaise sauce and poached a couple of eggs. After doing that, I sprinkled the cajun rub I had used previously over the food, and placed honey barbeque sauce with the pork.



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I had a very busy Sunday working on cooking for about 10 folks. I really wanted to take another swing at gyros so I got another pork loin trimmed an end and got it ready.

i did some knife work and got a my skewers ready

Threaded on the pork,wrapped it up and into the fridge for an hour.

Meanwhile I got a sirloin tip roast out of a brine and cracked a grasshopper(my FT)

On we go

Made some salted caramel with a bit of cayenne and got some brownies a buddy of mine brought over.

The roasts are ready!

Made sammies out of the beef and gyros out of the pork.


Forgot to get a pic of my brownies when they came off the Traeger. My bad. Trust me they were delicious.


Venison Loin

Finally back home long enough to get back in front of my MAK. Time to start working on the venison in the freezer so why not a backstrap? I decided to use the meat slicer and cut the loin thin (about 1/8" thick) while it was still semi-frozen with the intent to make some roll-ups. The meat looked so lovely I started dreaming of carpaccio.

I created a herb based spread for the interior side of the meat consisting of:
- olive oil
- fresh lemon juice
- one sprig of rosemary
- 5-6 cloves garlic
- pine nuts
- balsamic
- salt and pepper

Sent all of that through the blender and then used the brush to slap some of the seasoning on the meat. I placed some thin slices of red onion down and then rolled and finished with toothpicks. The outside of the meat was treated with Double Secret Steak Rub. Here they are awaiting a very hot searing grate.


The rolls went on for about 2 minutes a side (4 mintues total).


Meanwhile, I had some lentils going along with a bottle of brown beer, some veal stock, onion, celery root and carrot. I like my greens so I decided to round it out with some broccoli. Here's how it plated.


The picture doesn't nearly do justice to the flavor of the meat. This has to be one of the best backstraps I've had. You never would know I have a picky nine year old sitting at the table. This will definitely be on the list for the next go around and glad there's more loin in the freezer.


I am very thankful for the chance to harvest this great natural resource (the other beef).


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A pre holiday Cook... Part 1

Well my wife said since we are doing a eating tour of NOLA during the holiday weekend coming up, why don’t we go ahead and have the holiday cook this weekend. Great idea. Here we go.

First up let’s make some desert. Treasure Toffee Cake with Homemade Butter Pecan ice cream.
Let’s get the custard going. Sugar ,vanilla ,eggs you know the story. Whip them up.


Add the heavy cream and milk which has been heated to 175 and cool in a ice bath. Into the fridge for about 5 hours.


Add some butter to pecans and let them absorb the butter
Crush up the pecans
Into the Ice cream maker till soft serve and and then freeze.

Let’s make the cake.
The players


Mix every thing but the butter and the heath bars together. Crunch up the heath bars and put on top. Pour the butter on top.


Onto the Mak at 325 for 45 minutes.


Cake is ready . Let’s cool for Awhile

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Part 2

Let’s make some burgers and franks!

Form some burgers and season with Money. Same on the Franks.


Let’s get the fixin’s going. Some hot dog chili, onions, cheese, tomato and get this…Some crawfish etouffee.


Got to have a veg some corn on the cob onto the mak


Just about ready to plate. Burgers ,Dogs and Corn first.


Crawfish dog was to die for.


Chili cheese and onion dog a classic.


Burger we all know.

How about some desert.

Mak baked Treasure Toffee Cake with Homemade Butter Pecan Ice Cream. Top it off with alittle whipped cream and chocolate sauce.



Ps for some reason lost a few pic's..sorry
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Smoked Fish Tostadas

Been crazy busy at work latley and haven't had chance to touch the MAK in a few weeks. Decided to do fish tostadas keeping light and simple.

Hit some Tilapia with EVOO, Desert Gold, and Cumin



Onto the MAK @225 for about an hour


Fish ready to go


Flake up the fish


Made up a little lime cream sauce using Sour Cream, Lime Juice, Garlic, and Chili Powder


Place some black beans, fish, jack cheese, a little cream sauce, cabbage, cilantro and onion on the tostada and garnish with Avocado. Serve it up with a nice homebrew Cream Ale and life is good!



This hit the spot for a nice light dinner, fish had a great smoky flavor that was perfect.


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Ribs, french fries and apple pie

Main course was ribs coated with Balsamic Cherry Glaze with Big Poppa's "Money" rub and the other rack rubbed with Pete's Firehouse rub.


Ribs with rub... Big Poppa's "Money" in the rear and Pete's Firehouse rub in the rear.


Ribs 3 hours into a smoke with blended pellets of hickory, maple and cherry.


Ribs are foiled, mini apples pies and fries are on...


Ribs are out of the foil and firming up!


My plated pic.


Tanya's plated pic. (she likes the sweet potato fries)


Taste on the ribs was excellent, both rubs to us were great. Honestly neither of us could choose one over the other...

Close up on the ribs


Here are the mini apple pies. We never had any, each of of us were too full, so that will get tasted tomorrow.

Thanks for looking!


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Man, oh man!!! Here I sit at Hilton Head, watching the remnants of the tropical storm out on the beach, trying to come up with a winner. First of all, thank you to the ten who entered. All the entries looked great. I wish that I could actually taste them. Here is a short recap of each entry.

Wneill20 started off the contest with a wonderful looking surf and turf. I will be trying your bacon bowls for salad on some of my cooks at home.

FLBeantRider followed up with his interpretation of Sparky's ribs. I believe he pulled it off, too. He is also a member of Sparky's Clean Plate Club.

Tatonka3A2 cooked up sirloin steaks, shrimp with Smoking Guns Sweet Heat, twice baked potatoes and garlic toast. What a plate of food that was!

Scallywag plated up a nicely prepared rib eye, shrimp, corn on the cob, and grilled pineapple spears. Like you, I love freshly grilled pineapple.

Kevin Arsenault put together a great looking breakfast/brunch. I love eggs Benedict. Kevin's variation looked scrumptious!! The next time I am in the Baltimore area I must find Miss Shirley's.

Soupyjones cooked several items that all looked good. The pork loin sliced up for gyros looked great. The brined sirloin tip roast was also right up there. Your salted caramel drizzled over the brownies is another idea I will be borrowing. It reminded me of some of the caramels we ate in France that's we're made with sea salt and a special butter.

383inTheD made up some venison roll-ups that I will have to try one of these days. I may also try the carpaccio idea with some of the elk tenderloin I have in my freezer. I'll bet they tasted as good as they looked.

RickB started out with his dessert off his MAK: a Treasure Toffee Cake with homemade butter pecan ice cream. Not too many people (other than Deb) will use their pellet grill for baking. A nice touch. After the "hard part" was done, Rick kept it simple with burgers, dogs and corn on the cob. The shrimp étouffée on the dogs was a very different touch.

CarterQ was up next with some smoked fish tostadas. I really must try this. I order fish tacos quite a lot when we eat Mexican.

MossyMO finished up our entries for this week's contest with 2 versions of ribs, French and sweet potato fries and some mini apple pies.

I guess I must make my choices now. Here goes.

Third place: CarteQ. Your interpretation and presentation of a Mexican classic was well executed.

Second place: Kevin Arsenault. You pulled this off in grand style. Your Mom's cornbread with the rest of your work were mouth watering!

First place: RickB. You pretty much had me with the Treasure Toffee Cake. It looked off the charts. Your relatively simple meal of burgers and dogs really got my attention. Condiments for the dogs need not be limited to mustard, ketchup, onions, relish and chili anymore.

Congratulations to everyone who entered. Big Poppa, we love your play ground. I get new ideas, or reminded of ways to cook on my MAK. I think I speak for a lot of the participants here when I say "THANK. YOU!!!"


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Whoa, I was extremely busy again this weekend (our community band kicked off our summer concert series) and it looks like I really missed some great cooks!

I'm glad I wasn't judging this one; it would've been a super tough choice!
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