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Soon to be new Mak 1 owner here (just ordered today). Been using an ancient Traeger for a couple years (purchased from a buddy who was upgrading) and it finally died. Didn’t want to put $$$ into it and had been thinking about upgrading for a while anyway so decided to pull the trigger on a new Mak 1. Started out many years ago on a stick burners and then a WSM. Had been interested in pellet burners so jumped when my friend said he was selling his and quickly got hooked. Surprisingly I didn’t find this forum until after the purchase but glad I did.

My first cook on the Mak will be a turkey next week. Now off to find info on initial burn-in/seasoning for the Mak. Look forward to contributing to the forum.



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Welcome kirkk, your new MAK will come with the burn-in instructions. Burn-in is a simple deal. Initial start-up takes a little time while the auger works the pellets to the fire pot, but after that start-up is really fast. When you get that first whiff of smoke, all your troubles seem to melt away. Seriously.


Welcome to Kirk and welcome to the MAK family!! Your MAK 1 Star will be the last pellet cooker you'll need to buy.


Welcome to the forum and congrats on getting a new MAK.

Salmonsmoker is right; the burn-in is a simple process. After that it won't take long to fall in love with that MAK 1 Star!
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