Greetings! I'm Henri


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I've been barbecuing now for over a decade. I love it. I love picking meat to smoke, smoking it, talking about it, bragging about it, eating it.. everything.

My latest barrel smoker has given up the ghost. It's had a fire on one side too many times. I've made some fantastic food in it though. I loved what I could get it to do.

I'm thinking I'd like the temperature control of a pellet smoker. Not to put my charcoal smoker down, but heat control when cooking a brisket or a beef tenderloin was always tricky. I made peace with it, but I'm thinking it's time for something better.

I'm here to learn about pellet smokers, which ones are currently top rated, best value, etc. My experience so far has been with propane and charcoal. I'm adept with these, I can cook well with them, I just think I could do better with a pellet smoker.

Anyway, thank you for having me here!



Welcome aboard Henri. There are many good smokers out there. You'll need to do your homework to find one that best suits you. Personally, I'm partial to MAK for a number of reasons, maybe the best of them is that it's very difficult to find a negative comment about them anywhere. Good luck with your search!

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