Grill grate question

With the temp increase on the MAK & being 600 & being able to set the grill in " Grill" mode. I'm confused as to the information on the MAK site. It says that if you're grilling & using the grates that you're not supposed to set the grill higher than 350 because you might warp the grill grates. Could somebody elaborate on this & what temp you're allowed to grill on?



Hi there this is a typo, it only applies to the Griddle. Because of the large flat surface of the griddle warping can occur at high temps.
Searing grates are fine to use at any grill temperature.
Sorry for the confusion, we will go back and update that information.
Thanks for bringing this to our attention :)


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Yep, I have 2 of the MAK sear grates... and they work as advertised... maybe even better than advertised :)

I use them at 450° all the time and absolutely love them. Haven’t found a need to cook hotter than 450° as it’s much hotter at the grate than 450°.
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