Had to try it - Spatchcock Chicken

With all of the recent discussion on spatchcocking, I had to try it. It was the best chicken I have made. Extremely juicy. :D

Started with Annie's, BP LLw/P, and Desert Gold:

On to the MAK at 325°F:

Bumped to 350°F to finish:

Plated up:

Family was happy! :cool:

Big Poppa

dont be afraid to use a little more seasoning...that is the exact way Ive been making them at home ll w pep as a base coat then desert gold...on meat I use the llwp asnd the double secret. FIne cook!
Thanks for the advice BP. Always seems like to much seasoning when I put it on, and not enough when I eat it! I will try more next time. Love the llwp and desert gold combo.


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Looks great. I've done this method one time and liked it. I see you put the probe in the breast. I've always put it in the thigh and had mixed results when I cut into the bird. Anyone else have any pointers on this?

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Boom Bam Baby! First time at bat doing a spatchock and you knocked it out of the park. :)

Pretty cool, isn't it, how even without brining they're just so juicy.
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