Has Anybody seen this?


It is not for sale yet - January, 2020, but you can pre-order. AmazingRibs has a review as Meathead and Max visited Weber and got info and a demo.
That’s the link. Harry Soo just posted a more in depth video of it. Have to see how it does with some more real world cooks!

Big Poppa

1. They bought a mak as part of their R and D

2. Does Harry disclose any financial consideration?

3. Im sure its fine..the real benefit is searing but pellet searing is expensive
From what I got out of it was that him & baby back maniac Didn’t get paid but They were flown out there on Weber’s dime. I believe both said they would do their own reviews when they are able to get a cooker at home. The venting does look a lot like MAK. I thought for the size it was pretty well priced.


It is different from most pellet cookers for sure. I agree to make those flames has to be a lot of wood burning. I find high heat grilling I prefer charcoal. Not a fan of where the electronics are located. Rain if not waterproof and sun could make it hard to read. I sure it will have interest in it. Just like the Summit Charcoal unit does.
It definitely has a few cheaper parts yet they still offer a better warranty. 3 years on electronics & 5 on the rest. Will it sear better than MAK? Don’t know. Not trying to sound like a jerk. The verdict is still yet to come out. I guess from a consumer standpoint without getting into it too much... Why canÂ’t a $3-4K grill have a better warranty than a $1200 - $1800 grill? One of my main complaints when you do shop for grills especially a MAK, is that there are no promotions for it. Look at how much chef Tom promotes Yoder. Videos all of the time with great recipes on how to use the product.Especially since their new controller came out. They wanted to show potential customers what the new controller does! ItÂ’s holiday time, 2-3 videos a week cooking on a Yoder. How many grill sales do you think those promotions cause? I bet a lot!


Product marketing can be a great business too but it has to be internally recognized as essential, otherwise it rarely gets the attention necessary to successfully propel a business.
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