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I had a Oklahoma Joes wood burner then gave it away when I moved and just bought a Yoder 640 and totally lost. Could really use some advice. Please help
1 if you use a smoker tube where do you put it to get the most smoke taste?
2 How to you get dark bark on the meat? Do you increase the heat at first and then lower it?
3. Does more smoke taste work better if meant is on the top or bottom shelf and closer or farther from pellet box?
4. Where should the damper be at if you smoke at 225

Sorry for all the questions I just have no idea
Welcome to Pelletsmoking.com from NorCal! I own a MAK 2 Star, but everything I read and have seen says the Yoder is a great machine. Malcolm Reed shows one off, so it has to be good! Since I don’t know the airflow of a Yoder, I can’t tell you where to place the smoker tube on a Yoder. For my MAK it is back middle. I get darker bark by leaving uncovered at low temps longer, but to be honest this is not a priority for me. I am more interested in taste and tenderness, and I prefer a lower smoke taste that is inherent in a pellet smoker. Bottom line, pellet smokers add a very mild smoke flavor. Lower and slower will maximize this. They will never add the smoke flavor of a stick burner. Hope this helps.
I'll let others chime in about cooking advice. I sent you a pm. As far as your damper. When grilling over the firebox you want it all the way in. For low & slow from what I've heard others say, is that you want it pulled not quite all the way out. You'll have to experiment exactly how far out you need it for getting an even temp through out the grill. I love the cooking size of those grils & especially their comp cart. I wish I could get a MAK grill that was 640 & put it on that comp cart! Best of luck with your new grill & let's see some pics when you get a chance. Welcome to the forum. Lots of great people here & check out Big Poppas site. He has a lot of great rubs & cooking videos to help you out!
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