Hey there is a contest this week Real life got in the way

Big Poppa

Enter enter enter

first 25 credit to bps
second 15 credit to bps
third 10 credit to bps

5 credit everyone else that enters



Hey lurkers, if you're debating about whether or not to enter, don't hold back. It doesn't have to be fancy, just cooked using pellets in some fashion.

You never know what the judge is going to like, so you might as well enter whatever you're cooking!


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Too late for pics for me, I'm already at work. Cooked my dinner to bring to work by the time I saw posting. Nothing fancy just some stuff I found in the freezer. Bacon and scallops. Maybe next time...
Followed FLbentrider idea and Pre clocked bacon partly before wrapping the scallops, sprinkled with Jallaleujah BPS rub, and smoked for 45 minutes on the second rack position with frogmats. Then I bumped it up to high to crisp up the bacon. Smelled nice, and looks nice. A picture in the Tupperware bowl from my iPhone won't impress anyone.
Good luck to all the contestants! I'm trying to dream up something to make to blow the judges away in an upcoming contest..



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BBQ Shrimp on Grit Cakes with a Shrimp and Country Ham Reduction

Let’s make the grits for the grit cakes

Grits, salt, heavy cream, water and some Mak smoked cheddar cheese.


Cook it up into a dish to cool.


Into the fridge see ya later.

Later this afternoon…..Get the shrimp ready.

Some nice tiger shrimp


Shelled and deveined and the shells in the pot.



Let’s get the sauce going. The players


All in cook for 30 minutes


Strain and then reduce


About 45 minutes later a cup and a half down to about a quarter cup


Let’s get the shrimp ready. The players.



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Get the grit cakes ready Let sit for about an hour. Get them skewred.



Need some bread for the meal. How about some mini cheddar bay biscuits’.



Let’s finish the sauce. Some country ham.


Heavy cream, butter and our base from earlier.


Grit cakes to brown


Shrimp on the Barbie


Bake the biscuits



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Smoked Chicken Poutine

This may seem odd to some of you but trust me!
Inspired by a regional Quebec dish Poutine that consists of french fries cheese curds and gravy..It is damn good!
I had no curds so I swapped with shredded mozzarella and added some smoked chicken.
Seasoned the meat like this..

Keep the beer from freezing..

Smoked the chicken for an hour and finished at 350.
All chopped up..

Plated on top of crispy french fries and smothered in chicken gravy...

Try it!! You will thank me!!!


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Pork chops

Stopped by my "local" (1 hour away) MAK dealer - who is also a butcher shop - on our way back from Daytona.
We camped in the Speedway infield. Scout days. There was no race, but it was the "Roar before the Rolex" - practice for the 24 hours of Rolex. We had a great time.

Picked up six pork chops
Dusted with Head country
On the MAK 2 star set to HIGH with Oak




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Third cook on the new Hasty-Bake

Its been awhile since I posted on here, my kids take up so much time but it is getting easier.. Hope everyone had wonderful holiday season! I had another flawless transaction with BP when my wife bought me a Beautiful Hasty-Bake for Christmas. This is actually the third cook on this, in a row, I know the MAK is getting jealous.. My only regret is that I didnt get one sooner! I love It!

Cooked a couple Pork Tenderloins rubbed with an Apple Balsamic, LL W/P and some Money. Also did a Tri-Tip rubbed with a Cherry Balsamic and the same as the pork.


Onto the HB with some pellets foiled up!




Done and plated with a nice salad and roasted fingerlings!



Great meal! I have alot of experimenting ahead of me with this thing! Thanks BP!


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Pulled Pork Stuffed Poblano Peppers
The team

Took the pork,salsa verde,corn,black beans and cheese and mix together

Then stuffed the peppers

Put them in a pan and top with ro-tel

On the smoker at 350* for 60 minutes

Top with some cheese

My plate and they were good


Boring Meatloaf

TentHunter said it didn't have to be fancy and it isn't, it also lacked fancy flavors. So we learned that our meatloafs we like bold flavors. The seasonong used in this loaf went in the trash.

Decided to make some meatloaf but go back to regular style meatloaf seasoning (mistake). Prepared as we usually do just used meatloaf seasoning instead of something good like Money or desert gold etc. The only way you know is to try, now I know. We do add some veggies to the loaf onions,celery,carrots. With the meat grinder out we run them through the grinder.

Some photo from the cook


one pound beef and pork with ground veggies ready for the pan


some onions on the top pushed into the loaf


cooked in the pan 30 minutes then removed. the pan we use has a insert and no bottom so fat drains out. When remove from the pan it stays in the insert which is full of holes on the sides and bottom. cook until 120 then flip and sauce until 160. Had pecan pellets in the deflector ring for light smoke.




Way to bland for me. it was fun using the drum in the rain. the Stoker graph shows where it started to rain in the end and forced a lot more fan run time.

Big Poppa

light week for entries but great cooks...Wneill get that entry in sunday night....it counts this week but I have to follow the rules ......thanks bud


What an interesting week, even if it was light on entries.

Just a reminder to go along with BP's on getting the entries in before midnight Pacific time the final night of the contest. :)

First, Dan, welcome back buddy. We have dearly missed your posts, and congrats on the new Hasty bake!

Second, a big kudos to Jim for posting what he considered to be a boring meatloaf. He could've kept silent that he didn't think it was his best and I would never have known because it looks so fabulous. But he chose to share why it wasn't his best and what he learned. It's a perfect reminder of what this forum is about; sharing what we've learned so others can learn right alongside us. Thank you Jim!

Now, onto the winners. These three entries just jumped out at me:

Third Place: ScallyWag - Dare me to try poutine, a dish consisting of fries smothered in gravy & cheese curds, will ya? Well fine I will! ;) Nice twist adding the smoked chicken and using chicken gravy instead of brown. Love it!

Second Place: Rick B - I love that you took a classic southern dish and gave it a twist cooking the grits much like you would polenta cakes or fried cornmeal mush (a Midwest Dutch dish which I happen to love very much).

First Place (drum roll please): Wneil - those Stuffed Poblanos are simply outrageous! Not fancy, easy to make, but they have my mouth watering!


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light week for entries but great cooks...Wneill get that entry in sunday night....it counts this week but I have to follow the rules ......thanks bud

I will next time I ate one of those stuffed peppers for dinner sat on the couch an the rest is history :)
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WOW, I thought Rick had this one lock up. Great cooks everyone as always thanks for the play ground BP and thanks for judging Tent.


WOW, I thought Rick had this one lock up.

Wes, believe me when I tell you it was closer than you can imagine. The best compliment I can give is to say that Rick's posts almost always seem to have a lot of wow factor, week after week, and that is no easy feat!

It's not always about the complexity of the cook though. Your combo of flavors in the stuffed poblanos and the simplicity of putting it together is what appealed best to me this time around.

Scally's post got third place because it was the one that I possibly wanted to try the most because it was so creative.

Trust me, with the variety of food presented you're not comparing apple to apples, or more accurately, ribs to ribs. Judging is no easy task. Just wait 'till you're in the hot seat! ;)

I love this contest!
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