Hey This weeks contest Deb is the judge...Come on and enter


Hey Deb, what will you be looking for in entries? Big photos? close ups? pit pics? commentary on how it was cooked with recipes? What will turn your head as the contest judge?


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Hey Deb, what will you be looking for in entries? Big photos? close ups? pit pics? commentary on how it was cooked with recipes? What will turn your head as the contest judge?

Have fun.... details if you want or not if you don't....... don't think it's too simple or just another pork butt.....don't overthink it --- just have fun and post your weekend cook.


Pulled Pork Pozole

Smoked a butt on Thursday night / Friday. I am always looking for things to try with the pork. It's a cold rainy weekend here in Central California so Pozole (a Mexican pork soup) sounded good.

Here we go:

Rubbed with Yardbird and Carolina Treet for glue


Onto the MAK for an all night party


14 hours later, lookin good


Pulled after resting in a cooler for a few hours

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Pozole #2

Cooks gotta eat, made up a sandwich and grabbed some of the wife's roasted red potato salad. Used Scotts Sauce on it, that stuff is a killer vinegar based sauce!


OK Back to work, Put about 2lbs of pork in a stockpot


Added onions, cumin, oregano, salt, and pepper


Covered in water and simmered for about 30 minutes


While the pork was simmering roasted up some green chiles



Pozole #3

Added chopped green chiles, sauteed onions, garlic, chili powder, cayenne pepper, chicken stock, and Hominy. Simmered for a couple more hours


Set up a garnish of cabbage, cilantro, radishes, and lemon wedges


Served up (finally ;) )


This came out great and hit the spot on nice fall day, the best part is it tastes even better as a leftover!

Big Poppa

Very very nice! I have a pulled pork soup on the grilling gallery that you may want to try also Pulled pork makes the best soup.......and sammies...........and tacos....and......on and on and on


Apple Wood Smoked Salmon, Ranch Potatoes & Crab & Cheese Stuffed Rellenos

Another busy weekend. The wife picked up some Salmon fillets and wanted them smoked. I had some Poblano chiles and also had some left over Snow crab that needed to be used, so I thought I'd try some crab & cheese stuffed rellenos.

I started out by Fire roasting 6 Poblano Chiles and used some Jack Daniels Oak Pellets in a foil pouch for smoke flavor.

While the Chiles roasted, I cut up some red skin potatoes, coated with a little oil and some homemade ranch mix. The Poblanos were pulled off & the potatoes went right on to start roasting.

While the potatoes were roasting I made a Sweet & Spicy Dill rub for the salmon using brown sugar, dill, a little sea salt, black pepper & red pepper flakes.

The salmon was coated with the Brown Sugar Dill rub and placed on frogmats in the smoker at about 300° for about an hour. I filled the smoking pot with Apple Pellets and added to the fire for smoke flavor.

Continued --->


Apple Wood Smoked Salmon - Part 2

Now some folks would cringe at smoking salmon for an hour, but trust me, the brown sugar makes a glaze that seals the Salmon and keeps it moist.

While the Salmon & Ranch potatoes continued to cook, I removed the skins from the poblanos then made a crab stuffing using the left over Snow Crab, some cream cheese, Monty Jack cheese, Roasted Red pepper & Chives. The poblanos were dipped in a beer batter then fried up.

The Salmon was served on a bed of rice with some dill & Parsley. The Ranch Potatoes & Crab stuffed Rellenos were served along side a garnish of steamed buttered cabbage with fresh cracked Black Pepper.



The Crab stuffed Rellenos were soft, warm, creamy and slightly sweet from the snow crab. The Salmon had a sweet smokey glaze and the fish itself was moist & had a delicate but deep smoke flavor from the Apple wood smoke. The hint of dill in the Roasted Ranch Potatoes completed the meal's flavor theme very well.

Thanks for looking!
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No plated shots, as I was cooking for a dinner party (served buffet style), but here are some of the better pics I got..










Pulled out of the smoker as the first of the guests were arriving..


After dismembering.



Nice use of leftover pork Carter! I love Pozole!

Squirt, that closeup of the pulled Brisket is definitely your money shot (I love pulled brisket better than sliced any day of the week)!

So Cal Smoker

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Wow TentHunter, that looks like a meal that you would find in So Cal not Ohio. Excellent, would love to have been at your table for that meal.


All Night Brisket

Nothing like the other entries. Just a all night brisket. Used a cast iron pan with water and others food items steaming below. Saw a post that Cowgirl does something like this but with the brisket in the Pan? Anyway trimmed the brisket smoked all night at 200º and then in the oven wrapped in foil until the brisket was 195º should have cooked to 203º.Made great sandwiches. Took it to a friends to watch the final NASCAR race.
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the MAK set for the night
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Ready to come off in the morning
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Wow, they are all awesome! Carter - the soup looks great, I like that Scott's sauce on my pulled pork too. Tent - the relleno, salmon, potatoes are great - I wish I could eat one of the rellenos. Jim's brisket looks great.....

but since I have to pick one...... I keep going back to the close-up picture of Squirt's brisket plus the turkey is gorgeous...... so this weeks winner is Squirtthecat


Well done Squirt. I knew that closeup was your money shot; it sure had me wanting to dive in!

So Cal Smoker, Thanks! The wife, daughter & I love our avocado too!

Jim the corn & veggies were looking pretty dang good in that pan under the brisket catching all those drippings... Had me wishing I was piece of corn!
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