Hi, New Pellet Smoker here.


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Hi All,
I have been lurking on the site for a little while. I just took delivery of a Traeger jr. for my place in Fort Myers. Two of my friends in my complex had the jr. and I loved everything that came off the grill so I had to have one. I was down this pass weekend, assembled it and got smoking and grilling. First attempt was a whole chicken and it was a great success, put some Big Poppa's smokin guns rub on the outside and the chicken roasted up beautifully.

Next night we tried a brisket that I got from Costco, it was only a three pound brisket, it turned out good, I think I overcooked it a bit as it was a bit dry and pretty crusty in parts. I did use a mop sauce, I don't think I took into account the size of my brisket compared to the size they tell you to use in the recipe enough, so hense the overcooking.
Any way I am back to my regular home in Toronto and will have to find a pellet grill for my place here as this is where I spend 95% of my time!

I look forward to learning lots from you all. Seems like a great group of Smokers!


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Thanks Guys!
My choices are fairly limited in Canada on Pellet Grills, not many dealers and from what I can tell, the few that do sell Traeger.
Next time I drive to florida I may have one shipped there and I will drive it back.
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