Holiday MAK Butt...


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Butt took 16hrs to 201* and fork tender. Smoked for 2 hours, then up to 225", foiled at 162*. Started checking for probe tender at 195*. Reached it at 201*. When I checked it the last time, it shook like a bowl of just looked done.
Held it for 4 hours and it was still too hot to hold when pulled.
I had to warn the neighbor that I was smoking overnight, so he ran his a/c. For that, I think the least I owed him was 1/2 the 11lb. butt.
I just recently discovered that I could use the raised grate and pan from the warming drawer and put it on the existing grate, to further raise the meat. Seems to work, as the bottom of the meat doesn't overcook like it tended to before.
Take a look...
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