Homemade hot dogs


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Is anyone willing to give out a good hot dog recipe? I was wanting to make some up and freeze to take on camping trips this summer.

thanx, Rick


I don't know if you'd call my recipe good or not. It was very experimental since it was my first attempt at Frankfurters.

I can PM you with the recipe if you like. Just remember, it's a prototype spice mix, and I don't have it tweaked & dialed in just yet.
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I posted a thread called Hot Dog!. though not sure on the spice mix I used, it was a recipe from one of the sausage books I have. I know this thread is old, but how did the hot dogs turn our for the OP?

I think a secret to great hotdogs is the casing. The casing I bought were not very good and burst a lot. Not the best diameter either for sheep casings. I would really like to find a source for casings that are pre-loaded stuffer tubes with the casings all-ready to go.
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