How many of you are BBQ judges and how many compete?

Big Poppa

It's funny at the comps I try to talk to as mony people as posssible. One it's because we are newbies and the other is the people watching and talking at these things is pure Americana and pretty humorous.

I was wondering how many of your are judges and how many have teams.

From my talks at the last comps..three of the teams started competing becasue of watching season one of Pitmasters and 2 of the judges go the bug after Piutmasters.

It seems like the hobby is growing faster than the comps, more teams

Candy Sue

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KCBS's fastest membership growth is CBJs. Lots of judges and not enough contests! I've noticed some drop in team participation this year, myself included. Funny that $4 a gallon gas didn't cause cutbacks in competitions, but the current economic insecurity has had an effect.

I'm a CBJ and certified Table Captain as well as a cook. Cook first and always. This year I've cooked 9 contests and table capt'ned 2 others. Last year, I cooked 18 contests.


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i used to be a little league umpire. to much stress to be a bbq judge and competitor. love just pellet grilling and sitting outside by the pool with the wife, dogs and fat tire. congrats jim on your cbj 54169. it is a bbq judge thing, right? very cool. was it hard to get the cbj certificate?
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