I love Spatchcock Chicken

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I was testing the latest sample rubs for chicken...so I whipped up a little spatchcock chicken. (theres a video on this in the video links below..not this particular chicken..heheh)
just coated with garlic olive oil and then hit it with my new run coming soon
310 for about 65 minutes until it hit 165 internal. I start bone side down and the last twenty minutes are on the grill grates breast side down....see at 310 you can get grill marks



Oh yeah my favorite way to cook chickens! I had to buy some good shears though for cutting the back bone out.

Big Poppa

I'm strong so I just use scissors......ok I had to get bigger ones too especially for the turkey I like to spatchcock


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I love spatchcock chicken and that looks great. I like the idea of the grill marks even if the rest of my family still insists on pulling the skin off every piece of chicken they eat.

Big Poppa

I'm on the road in Florida. Will be back in the kitchen late tomorrow night. In the mean time I used amazon and picked one that looked toygh
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