I Love this MUST READ FOR STEAK COOKS! Stupid myths debunked!


Excellent article. I too have been arguing for years about some of these myths because they just never made sense to me, when you really stop and think about them.

But when talking to most "trained" chefs, these myths are so well entrenched that you might as well be talking to a brick wall.


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Wonderful post! My favorite myth and point of contention with my family is the "don't poke a holes in it or it will dry out".... This extends to the point of not using a thermapen. I just smile and nod and keep poking holes in the steaks with my thermapen and the family still keeps demanding I host the cook outs because my steaks are the best.... Shhhhh don't tell them.

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I do follow some of those rules and I love the way my steaks turn out. I think the biggest thing is to be passionate about your cooking. Follow the rules or don't but if you care enough about what you are doing your food will be better than someone who forgets that they put a steak on the grill while playing angry birds.


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I'm out $200. Wandered over there and next thing you know I'm reading all sorts of articles, and end up buying a sous vide immersion circulator/cooker unit. Beats trying to build one myself. Good article about the 7 myths. Well worth the sticky..



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I don't agree with not bringing the meat up to room temps.... My anacdotal evidence suggests that this actually does work. My steaks sit out for at least a hour before cooking. I know the centers do not reach "Room Temperature" but the degree to which they warm up allows the steak to cook more evenly to a nice Medium Rare and avoids the red center when the steak is pulled and cooked right from the fridge.
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