I think Spring has Sprung...Time to enter the contest!

Big Poppa

First place $25 store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third Place $10 Store Credit to Big Poppa Smokers

$5 for everybody else!


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Steak My Way

Just me so I get my favorites

Made this yesterday for the steak

Mixed up some roasted garlic, parsley, blue cheese, butter and some s&P


Roll up and chill


Prep the steak

Got a 30 day dry aged ribeye


Some BP rubs


Looking good


Let’s make some onion rings. Into some buttermilk for an hour


Into some seasoned flour


Into the fridge to setup


Need me some spuds. Double stuffed and baked


Yea that’s some smoked chedder


We getting close. Fire up the Mak and start frying the rings. Spuds in the Make while it gets to temp


Rings into a warm oven


Spuds done into the oven


Steak time


Add a couple of pats of the compound butter. Some rings and a spud. Let’s eat!





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I was planning to make some pasta sauce this weekend and the weather was great today so I made a couple burgers with some of my ground pork and a bit of a pulled pork i have in the freezer. Here they are.

I gave them a season with a shallot LLwP mustard powder sage and thyme.

Mixed it up and let them rest in the fridge while I had a cold beverage. After a half hour I formed my patties.

One more with my chunk of sorta sausage for my sauce tomorrow.

Threw it on the Traeger at 325 running my apple maple combo. Forgot to get a pic when they went on but i got one at the flip with my bacon, buns and some goat cheese on the burgers.

That pic is not great but this one hardly has the burgers in it.

10 more minutes and they were ready to go. Mine got plated up with some arugula and a sliced up granny smith along with some fries.

One more for good measure.

Poured a tall glass of moo juice and chowed down. In all it was a great burger though I was a bit heavy handed with the goat cheese. Anyhow thanks for looking guys.


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Hmm. Was thinking of entering this week. First ribs on my MAK I believe.
They're marinating right now.
Package said "St Louis Spare Ribs". I think they've already been trimmed somewhat but maybe not the full "St Louis" trim.
Will need to get my camera handy. Already some strong entries!


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MAK Burgers...

I did the planked halibut on Thursday so couldn't enter that. Decided on some burgers last night. But do not have a lot of photos. Here's the breakdown:

3lbs 75% lean ground beef (mix of chuck and sirloin). Kneaded in 1/4C water and 1tsp Worcestershire. Molded the patties, and then into the fridge for an hour.

In the meantime, prep the fixings: sautéed mushrooms (white and crimini), sautéed some sweet onions, made some bacon, also the usual suspects of lettuce and tomato. Also buttered the buns so they were ready to go.

I made a baste using:
- 1 stick of unsalted butter
- 4 cloves crushed garlic
- 1/4 C chopped Italian parsley
- juice of 1 lemon
- fresh cracked black pepper
- 1 tsp kosher salt
Place all ingredients into a small aluminum pan and place on the grill to melt and combine.

I made an herb brush by tying a bunch of thyme to the handle of a wooden spoon to apply the baste.

I set the MAK to 450F, placed an iron griddle on one side, and the MAK searing grate on the other. The pan of baste went on the back of the griddle.

Ready to go. Coat each patty heavily with BPS Money and onto the searing grate. ~2 minutes per side.
View attachment 2037

Using the thyme brush, brush some of the baste onto the griddle. Move the burgers to the griddle, give another coat of Money, then baste thoroughly using the thyme brush. Again ~2 minutes per side.
View attachment 2038

Toast the buns.View attachment 2039

Add some cheese until just melted.
View attachment 2040

That's it. The mixture of grill and griddle builds a lot of flavor and adds a wonderful crust to the burgers.

No plated photo (again). My kids devoured these. I got the double thumbs up, and "best burger ever" comment from my 8 yr old. Always a plus.


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Old School Brisket

Start with an 18lb packer from RD, rub with "Salt Lick" clone rub.

On the MAK with BD Cherry - set the Pellet Boss for 4 hours on SMOKE, then 225F - This was at 9PM

The next morning

The Afternoon







Sides - Spinach Salad with Bacon dressing

Homemade Penne and Cheese



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Surf and Turf Linguine Alfredo

Let’s get cooking

Season the shrimp



Chicken in the fridge with some teriyaki sauce

Layed out some of that steak butter for garlic bead


Protein on the Mak. Chicken first when its almost done shrimp goes on


Start the alfredo sauce. Some sautéed shallot and heavy cream


Need some cheese. Mixed some fresh parm and pecorino


Into the cream


Protein done


Let’s drop the pasta


Make the garlic bread


Let’s plate. Add a little chopped basil and parsley





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Started with a 10 lb butt.. rubbed with this...

14 hours later


Had to try this..

Plated on a pretzel bun with some bacon wrapped meatballs..
Now we have leftover pulled pork to deal with.. lets make burritos!!!
Sweat some onions and peppers with some spice...



Lets build this!!!
Refried beans

Peppers, rice, cheese, guacamole and pulled poke



Brushed with some chipotle butter and grilled..

And look what I have here.. some of Lumpy's smoked pickled eggs! I had the pleasure of meeting Lumpy today.. very cool guy.. and he has his own beer tap!!




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Beef Chuck Mock Tender Surf and Turf Night

Tried something a little different – Beef Chuck Mock Tender – they were on sale so thought what the heck!

Here was the flavors for the steak; a little olive oil and then seasoned with BP Double Secret and Money.

Onto the Yoder smoking with Oak for an hour @ 150°

While the steaks were smoking I started to prep the seafood.

People have been telling us how good Tatonka Dust is on shrimp so thought we better give it a whirl as well. Seasoned with Tatonka Dust and threw some minced garlic in the pan with some butter.

Bought a couple of new seasoning, one of them being a Seafood Splash. So sticking with the theme of trying new flavor profiles for everything. Cleaned the lobster tail and split in about halfway through so the butter and seasonings would have some where to rest. Melted the butter and mixed some Seafood Splash in it. Brushed the tails with the mixture and sprinkled a light coating of the rub as well.

Once the steaks were done smoking I removed them from the grill and turned up the heat to 550° - here you can see the flames below ready to hit the steaks.

Flippy Flip….

Once the steaks were pulled it was time for the seafood to get some love…

Plated pic – nothing too fancy. I forgot to get an overall shot with the sautéed onions and mushrooms.

Money shot

PS – I don’t agree that “Spring has Sprung” theme… LOL
Here is our backyard as of Saturday night yet!!



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I've got ribs, sweet potato fries and onion rings.... plus chicken thighs (SWMBO don't likey ribs)
need a bit of time to post. Doubt it'll beat the Ricker's post, but gimme a day for posting pics....



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I've got ribs, sweet potato fries and onion rings.... plus chicken thighs (SWMBO don't likey ribs)
need a bit of time to post. Doubt it'll beat the Ricker's post, but gimme a day for posting pics....


Gotta be in by midnight dude!


Rib-Style Pork Steaks with Corn Pudding

The butcher had some great looking pork steaks and I couldn't resist getting a few. Instead of grilling them hot & fast, let's cook them up like I would ribs.

Season & stick 'em on the MAK at 225° to cook low & slow for a good 1 1/2 hours.

Foil time.

Move the foiled pork steaks to the top rack, stick on the corn pudding that the wife made up & bump the temp to 350° for an hour (I love the flavor of corn pudding on the grill - Yum!).

Put the steaks back on to finish. I mixed the foil drippings with a bit of homemade BBQ sauce & my son brushed it on...

They almost fell apart taking them off the grill ;)

Smoky, sweet, tangy & tender. The smoky corn pudding accompanied them nicely.

Thanks for sneaking a peek!

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Here we go. Great cooks everyone! This was tough- had to call in the wife for support.
The entries,

Rick B: Steak my way. Home alone? Can you move yet Rick?:rolleyes:

soupyjones: Bacon pork burgers w/goat cheese and granny smith apples. Good looking
burger soupy. I'll pass on the goat cheese, but the apple sounds

Stone: MAK burgers. Burgers looked tasty Stone. Really need a plated picture for
the drool component.

FLbentrider: Old school brisket. Nice smoke ring. You can see how moist it was.

Rick B: Surf and turf linguini alfredo. Another great presentation RB.

Scallywag: Pulled pork w/burritos and smoked pickled eggs. Nice! Pork burritos on
MAK. I'll take one of those eggs please.

Tatonka 3A2: Beef chuck mock tender surf and turf. Good cook Tanya. How was the
Tdust on the seafood?

Tenthunter: Rib style pork steaks w/corn pudding. Great looking pork steaks. Love
me some of that corn pudding.

First place: Rick B - Steak my way. Perfect steak. I need that herb butter.

Second place: Scallywag. Great flavor changeup from a pulled pork sammie to the

Third place: Tenthunter. I'll bet the pork steaks were great. Nice presentation.


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Thanks for the call SS! Great cooks Scally and Tent! Looks like the weather is warming up and so are the entries. Let's keep it going! Thanks again to BP for the playground !


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I think I was enjoying national beer appreciation day too much! Missed the posting - I had been enjoying my other hobby (homebrewing) a bit more than usual it seems! Ribs were good. Onion Rings were great, and sweet potato fries need some work. Working next weekend, but I'm going to plan an attack on this contest thing with a clear head very soon! Great Looking food, and this Rick B guy is a "ringer"!



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Actually Rick, I find your cooks to be inspiring. I'm still getting the hang of pellet cooking/smoking/BBQ. Now that I have a tool that is easy to use, it has been so much more rewarding than trying the fuss with an old vertical water smoker on a windy day, or an underpowered electric smoker I've had in the past. I hope you don't mind me poking a bit of fun at you. Your cooks look spectacular, and the photography is also very good. I clearly have much to learn, as both a cook and pellet smoker. I will plan to try and enter more of the contests, because its fun to do, but please don't exclude yourself on my behalf. Love seeing what you've prepared and photographed!



Congrats to the placers. There were some really good and varied entries this week.

This contest has definitely gotten Soupy's creative juices flowing. I would gladly give up my third place call for those Swine Time Burgers. That was a very creative & inspiring cook! In fact, I plan to give 'em a try.

Great week guys. Thanks for judging Salmon Smoker & thanks for the contest BP.



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Congrats to the placers. There were some really good and varied entries this week.

This contest has definitely gotten Soupy's creative juices flowing. I would gladly give up my third place call for those Swine Time Burgers. That was a very creative & inspiring cook! In fact, I plan to give 'em a try.

Great week guys. Thanks for judging Salmon Smoker & thanks for the contest BP.


My first time on this side of the fence. It's not an easy call trying to weigh the amount of effort, creativity, and technique, but a lot of fun never the less. And one mustn't forget about the very important "drool component", the presentation - aka "The Money Shot."
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