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Big Poppa

Dont be shy...this week is a carry over as we didnt get 6 entries....Lets keep these going...if there is a tepid turnout we will go to a random contest schedule...

FIrst place $25 dollar store credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Second Place $15 Dollar credit to Big Poppa Smokers
Third place $10 Store credit to big poppa smokers

$5 credit for all other entries.


Chicken and Country Style Ribs.
Rubbed Chicken with Mayo and seasoned with BP Money and Fine Swine and Bovine

Seasoned Country Style Ribs the night before with BP Money and Fine Swine and Bovine

My own Baked Beans

On to the MAK set at smoke for 30 mins. then cranked up to 400 F. I later foiled Ribs with some Apple Juice. Took Chicken off when IT reached 165 F. After approx. 45 mins. I took Ribs out of foil, sauced and back on the MAK.

Chicken and Ribs turned out excellent! :)

Chicken, Country Style Ribs, Baked Beans and Pasta Salad



Last week's entries carried over to this week:

FLBentRider - Flank Steak

RickB - Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa and Spring Veggies

scott6049 - Chicken and Country Style Ribs (posted above).

Tatonka3A2 - Dry Aged Ribeyes and Lobster Tails

NorCal Smoker - Rack of Lamb with Mint-Basil Pesto


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Can I enter something cooked during the week? Work Fri, Sat, and get off Sunday morning. plan on staying up for most the day then be out early. no time to cook.


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Saturday Night Rib Eyes

Just the two of us this weekend, so we're pulling out the good stuff. A couple of rib eyes seasoned with Double Secret and Sweet Money and grilled red peppers dusted with Desert Gold.

On to the drum with some oak pellets. When the IT reached 130F I pulled the steaks, raised the basket and reverse seared them.

Plated with the red peppers and fresh spinach.

Outstanding meal! Thanks for looking.


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sounded good

mixed cream cheese, some smoked cheese, jalapenos, and bacon

toasted some planko and added taco seasoning

stuffed chicken and rolled in planko

had some extra room

You are asking yourself where did the pig candy go. Two hungry kids.

Not a bad meal.


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I a completely new to BBQ, as well as pellet smoking.

"My First Brisket"
After completing my ever pulled pork last week, I decided to try my first brisket.

-8lb. Dufort Farms grass fed, free range, all natural brisket (very little marbling)
-1TSP olive oil base, BPS little Louie's, and BPS Money rubs
-Textbook trial at 275° on BBQ Delight hickory pellets
-Internal rose from 55 to 150-155 in an hour (?)
-Pulled and foiled, 1/3c apple juice
-Put back in until approx 200 internal
-Up to 1/4" smoke ring, delicious flavor
-Earned high praises from wife & kids who never eat beef (I'm already a winner)

Next comes the ribs trial.



OK, we have 8 entries in this carryover week so we got ourselves a contest people!! Here we go...

The lineup:
FLBentRider: Flank steak
RickB: Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa and Spring Veggies
Scott6049: Chicken and Country Style Ribs
Tatonka3A2: Dry Aged Ribeyes and Lobster Tails
NorCal Smoker: Rack of Lamb with Mint-Basil Pesto
Salmonsmoker: Saturday Night Rib Eyes
fishingbouchman: Panko crusted cheesy jalapeno bacon stuffed chicken breasts
Sinitron: My first brisket!

3rd Place: fishingbouchman, Great job with the oozy stuffed chicken and poppers! And that corn is exactly how I do mine.

2nd Place: RickB, The flavors on that plate must have been fantastic. It certainly looked that way! Bright colors.

1st Place: Scott6049, This week I was in the mood for mounds of smoked BBQ meat. Piles of it glistening sweet and sticky. Well, Scott, you delivered with that plate of chicken and country style ribs with homemade BBQ beans and pasta salad!! You're this weeks winner!

Congrats to Scott, Rick and fishingbouchman! Great job guys! And to Sinitron with his first brisket! Keep on smokin man!

Thanks BP for providing the stage and trophies!
Congrats to the winners! Thanks BP for the playground. Memorial Day weekend next week so hopefully we will have a good showing if there is a contest.


Congrats to everyone for another week of outstanding cooks, hopefully BP will keep giving us this playground. Thanks BP for the playground and the prizes.
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