It's Blackberry Season here in Oregon!


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It took me all of about 15 minutes to pick a full gallon ziplock full of blackberries from our street (we live a bit out of town, and the county thankfully doesn't spray our area).

This was my first real pie making experience (pumpkin pie from a tin doesn't count) and it was really fun to do on the grill. (Considering it was 95 degrees outside too, I was thankful for not heating up the kitchen!)

All in all was darn easy to do (I just pulled an easy-looking recipe from online). I substituted Stevia sweetener for sugar, forgetting that sweeteners don't do great at higher temperatures, but that's about the only thing I would change. Well that, and I need to work on being patient with manipulating the pie crust!



YUM!!! You did a great job and couldn't have picked a better fruit for making your first pie.

This brings back some great memories of growing up. Us kids would go to my aunt & uncle's farm for the day and pick bucket-fulls of blackberries with her & my cousins. Then she'd bake blackberry cobbler.

I need to go find & pick some black berries. I love them not only for desserts, but for making syrup too.


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It was great! When I first started baking on my MAK, I was nervous about having sweet stuff coming out tasting of smoke, but since I bake at 350 or above, there isn't really any noticeable smoke flavor that gets infused into the pie. Our home oven is on its last legs, so I'm really grateful to have a working "oven" sitting on my deck! (Of course that means I have zero motivation to replace the indoor oven...)
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