It's my party and I'll 'que if I want to...


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My wife asks me...what do you want to do for your 60th birthday. I wanna cook! Well, alrighty then. Knock yourself out, big boy.
Here we go; marinated tri-tip, char-grilled Coho salmon, bacon wrapped grilled corn. (thanks Jeanie)

The anti-chikin cast. Sorry Sparky, it's homebrew. I could probably call it ST. (Spare Tire)

Feelin' the love..

Salmon and friends- a savory brushing sauce

This looks familiar

The corn waiting it's turn..hickory pellet pack for the beef, alder for the salmon

a little side trip for a b'day toast

the sear

I left the skin on the salmon to be able to sear also...

The tri-tip

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The birthday cake with one candle

Took a lot of wind to blow out that one candle. Whew!

The party thowers-my kids and grandkids. I think there's a ringer in there somewhere...

Thanks for looking...


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what a great day. fantastic family pic. everything coming off the drum looks great. the tri you cooked perfectly. that bacon wrapped corn is real good huh. i really love carrot cake too. i'm going to need milk w/ my cake. happy b'day to ya. 60. i got a couple years until i hit it myself. i believe BP is older than me though. lol......


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That looks good!!! My next ventures ahead when I'm home for good are gonna be Charcuterie and Home Brewing Beer! Great looking meal and family bud!


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Thanks for the nice comments, everyone. Gotta warn you Steiny...homebrewing can become as big an obsession as smoking, sausage making, meat curing. There's science and artistry in all of them. That's why they all go together. I have many homebrew friends that have all these same obsessions, including my son-in-law. I taught him to brew. When you want to get started PM me and I'll point you in the right direction.


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Great looking meal SS! Great family pic also. Happy birthday. I'm getting close myself. 2 years 3 months. But thats alright because that is also the day I retire.


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It helps if you have a plan. Mine is I'm going to pitch a tent in Sparkys back yard and be the offcial rib taster! At least until he calls the police. ;)

When you get there, I'll be the tent with the addition on it to house the UDS. I'll be showing Sparky how to brew his own FT and he'll be feeding me his ribs. :)
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