Jan's Rub/MAK smoked chicken w/ a twist


Jan asked me to smoke some chickens for her. Yeah I can do that so I rub two chickens with Jan's Rub and into the MAK they went. They were on the beer can chicken stands but only because I think they cook better vertically. Frankly I don't put a lot of faith in the beer can chicken method for additional flavor and moistness. No twist on the cooking.

The twist comes when I brought them in. I'm trying something a little different. If it works I'll tell you what I did. If it doesn't....... you people have never heard of me. ;D

In the interim, here is what they look like. 8)


Looks like they were brushed with something.
Awesome color!
And you would be correct my friend. Cattlemen's Brand Carolina Tangy Gold. Had never used this stuff before but it is seriously good. A great combination with Jan's Rub. Just a very light glaze after having brought them in from the MAK.


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Just got home from work, starving, and then I have to look at those birds. Dang!

Honey! When is dinner ready?? I am about to eat my monitor.

They look awesome!!


I too like the cooking vertical you get with a beer can chicken. We use the stand Weber makes as it keeps the grill cleaner. I don't add any liquid to the device as I found it doesnt matter
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