July 9th contest! Go Get em! Everybody wins


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Nothing new or special, just the sheer VOLUME of food I produced should win me a one MILLION dollar prize. This is a tiny fraction:


The fun part for me since I've been smoking for maybe two months and never cooked on a gasser myself, was when the men came around asking advice. "I've got a tri tip cooking across the street, can I borrow this little thermometer you have laying around?"

That was from some dude I've never met.

I said, "Sure, what's your IT gonna be?" He didn't know what an IT was. *snicker*

When I explained he scratched his head and wondered aloud what it should be. With the grand confidence of a seasoned outdoor chef, I gave him pointers. hehehe.


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Alright I got the 3 year old down to bed so here we go.... Sorry, a little late for ya on the East Coast... Another great looking week!! Its so hard just picking 3 winners, Im sure everything that was made tasted excellent!!

3rd: Rip
Ribs and Stuff
What a great lookin meal!!! Those Jalapeno Shells looked awesome and the Beans, Bypass Potatoes and Ribs looked fantastic!! I wish you where my neighbor!

2nd: FLBentRider
Peanut Teriyaki Pulled Beef and Ribs
Ill be honest, I was a little skeptical at first seeing peanut butter smeared all over that beef roast, but what a nice lookin outcome!! The more I think of it the better it sounds...I havent tried pulled beef off my MAK yet but it is now on the list and those Ribs looked fantastic!!! The seasoning looks awesome!

1st: Patrick_CT

Congrats!! First let me begin by saying that I use to be one of those people who never would have thought of useing turkey...My wife doesnt eat red meat so it got too hard to always make 2 meals I gave into eating turkey and I was very surprised at well it works with everything I used to use beef for! Those sliders look excellent and I love the sound of that Buffalo Wing Hot Cheese!! I am also addicted to clams and oysters I have yet to try clams casino on the smoker, theres another one for my list... Great Job!..

Again great job to everyone and thanks BP for making this happen!!


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Congrats Patrick, FL & Rip!

Great job Dan & thanks to BP for the contest and playground!


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wow, I am a little shocked... Thanks Dan for the nod! And of course BP for the generosity with having this comp every week!

I am getting closer to being able to buy that Marinate express now.. :)


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Congrats to the winners! I guess I may have to step up to the plate soon and try something new.

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