Labor Day Ribs


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Have been wanting to smoke some ribs all summer but this is the weekend to do it. So I got started and then discovered that my camera battery was completely dead...just not holding a charge anymore. So we have to join the show already in progress with the main stars already on stage...


We got a three pack of ribs at Costco, cut them in half and then tried a couple of different flavors. The ones on the top shelf are the molasses and the bottom shelf are what we normally like.

The supporting cast...


and some heart healthy stuffed 'srooms ready to ride the cold smoker,


And some FL (This is my favorite part - Thanks Sparky)


The supporting cast onstage


All plated up and ready for dinner theatre


Have a Happy Labor Day


The ribs came out great, probably the best I have ever made.

Thanks for looking!
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