Low carb pork tacos!!


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James and I have been cutting out carbs, so I've been busy trying to come up with fresh meals to keep things interesting.

I found a teeny little pork shoulder in the discounted meat bin at Safeway, so figured doing some pulled pork would be a good place to start. Rubbed it with a little olive oil and dusted with some rub, and put it on the MAK at 225°.

Isn't it just the cutest little thing?


Shredded up nicely


I remembered the last time we went low carb, we both enjoyed making 'cheese chips'. They're nothing more than little piles of shredded cheese that you bake until they're crispy. I figured, hey maybe we could make some taco shells out of cheese, too! They turned out HUGE, but worked great for the pulled pork tacos!

Here's what they looked like finished:

Basically just put parchment paper down on a cookie sheet and sprinkled out a big circle of shredded cheese, then put on the MAK at 375° for about 15 minutes until they were starting to brown.

Then while they were still flexible, I draped them over a couple spoons so it would make a little valley for the ingredients when it cooled and solidified.


Worked out pretty darn good!
Loaded up with some pork:


And then topped with some fresh made mango salsa (YUMMMMM)


These were a huge hit with James, who didn't mind a bit that the shells were three times the size of normal taco shells. :)

Salsa was:
1 can diced tomatoes
1 cup frozen mango chunks (thawed and diced)
1 medium sweet onion
3 little jalapenos from our garden
an ungodly amount of cilantro, since that's just how we roll

The shells were just about perfect, actually, they gave it some crunch, but had a little 'give' to them, so when you bit into it, the whole thing didn't shatter into a million pieces like the store bought corn ones usually do.


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Kat, this is one of the coolest ideas ever.

Gonna have to try this soon, as we are in the same carb-avoidance mode. Thanks for the idea!


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I love it! My family has to do the whole low carb/no sugar thing (think Ketogenic diet). I've been making my own rubs and using Pure as the sugar replacement and have been pleased with the results... I'm definitely going to have to give this a try.

Thanks for sharing.


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Had some pulled pork nachos for lunch today too! The shells get a little soft/chewy after being in the fridge for more than a day, so looks like these are a 'make them the night you'll use them' one. :)

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