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Mak 1 Star upgrades


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I recently purchased a Mak 1 Star grill. I bought it used from a private individual, it has the front shelf, side shelf, bottom shelf, and all the extra grates. My grill serial number is #1551. I am looking at getting the wifi module or the flame zone retrofit. I am wondering which upgrade would be best to purchase first. I primarily smoke with it, but just tried grilling on it, I and really like that too. What do you guys think would be the better purchase? Thank you for your ideas,
This is just my opinion. The WiFi is really nice & works well. I don’t think it’s a necessity But I like it. It’s nice to control cooks, save cooks & adjust grill temp from your phone. I have a 2 star & the FZ works pretty awesome for everyday grilling! If you like everyday grilling then my pick would be to get the FZ. You may need a firmware update on your pellet boss. I would contact MAK about that. There are plenty of wireless probes you can purchase to check food temp if you don’t want to spend the money on WiFi. You won’t have grill temp control but you’ll still be able to monitor your food. Post what you decide. I don’t think you can wrong with FZ.
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Yup, contact MAK direct. They can tell you what upgrades are available / will fit. As far as which, it will come down to what's most important for you. The wifi is helpful if the weather is poor outside or you need to adjust temps and want to monitor both smoke and meat temps from your phone or laptop. The FZ IMO offers better (less) consumption of pellets as it directs the heat more efficiently, not to mention the increased direct grilling capability if the metal cover plates are removed from the diffuser.

Does your MAK 1 still use the older heating element? If so, make sure to replace it with the Flashfire which is definitely a solid improvement.
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