mak 1 star vs 2 star capacity?


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Im looking into a MAK and i can't decide between the 1 or 2 star. I have an MES 30 right now and i can't cook much in it which is why i want to upgrade.

By the numbers with the double racks its only 98 square inches difference but what does that translate into food capacity? I try and keep my butts about 7-8 lbs b/c i don't like to do super long smokes. I saw a pic of 3 10-12 lb turkeys on a 1 star. What about ribs with the vertical rack? Chickens? I've never done a brisket but can you do 3-4 vs 2 on the 1 star?



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they both with the second shelf have truly a lot or cooking...its must a little more spacious on the two star


I own a 1 Star and can second what BP said. It will truly hold a lot of food - more than you'd think.

With the upper racks in place I can fit 40 leg quarters on my 1 Star (or 80 legs/thighs).

With the 2 Star you should be able to get at least 45 leg quarters (or 90 legs/thighs).

I have no trouble fitting 8 pork butts in the 1 Star (4 butts 8-9 lb ea.on the bottom and 4 butts 6-8 lb ea. on the top).

If my calculations are correct, depending on size & how you turn them you should be able to get 9 butts on the 2 Star (you may need to cut one one in half lengthwise and place half on the bottom and half on top).

I don't normally use rib racks, but I can usually fit 6 slabs on the 1 Star if they're laying flat. If I overlap them, I can fit more.

Hope this helps answer your question.
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Tenthunter knows how to cook for a crowd, that's for sure!!

Like you said, there isn't a HUGE difference in sq. inches of cooking space-- the One Star has 360 sq inches, and 780 with a full upper grate. The Two Star has 429, and 858 with the full upper grate.

In regards to vertical chickens/turkeys, the One Star is 12" from grate to top, and the Two Star is 14" from grate to top.

For the rib racks, they hold eight racks of ribs, and the One star will have about 6" from the bottom grate to the underside of the upper grates, and the same clearance from the upper grate to the top of the grill. So you can use a rib rack on both the bottom and the top, you just might have to trim the ribs a little if they're long. (Obviously if you're not using the upper grate, you would have plenty of clearance for the slabs.

Hope that helps!


Have Two Stars with the MAK rib racks it can do 16 racks at on time. Using all the slots. Using every other slot it does 8 and has no chance of ribs touching each other and helps with uniform color. I you can swing it the two star has a lot of neat options for later like the Super Smoker Box. Which we use as a keep it warm box or warm the plates, along with as a smoker. Here is a little tip for the smoker side which is on the Two Star and we use with the Super Smoker box. If you are wanting to add more smoke flavor. With the MAK on smoke or say 200. Let us use ribs for this example. Start on the MAK for 2 hours. Transfer to the Super Smoker box for 30 minutes, wrap in foil and back on the MAK to finish as you normally would. The other option is to put them in the Super Smoker box at the end to add smoke flavor. it is almost time here in California where we can smoke some cheese. Smoked almonds by the way are a big holiday hit .
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