MAK 2 Star Cabinet Kit


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For any of you considering the MAK 2 Star Cabinet Kit...

I ordered mine from BPS, it arrived in about a week, and I had it installed in about 10 minutes. The quality is stellar, as expected, and it fits perfectly using pre-existing holes with literally zero fiddling around.

This is a GREAT addition to the cooker, as now my griddle, grates, drip pan parts, frogmats, etc. aren't getting wet and dirty and gross anymore. Plus, it just looks neat and classy on my deck. Highly recommended!

As a side note (this has already been covered by others) I also got the updated Flame Zone thru BPS (hey, it was my birthday!) and it is everything I expected. I'm still waiting on the firmware update kit, but even without it I am extremely pleased. I've been using it for smoking and grilling, and the grilling capability is now so good I have buttoned up my Hasty Bake for the winter. Can't beat the convenience of pellets and Wifi when it's cold and windy!


They are great machines without a doubt, love mine! One word of caution re: wifi. If it looses connection and you had it programed to a higher temp than the default 'smoke', the unit will revert to the default and stay there regardless. This happened to me on an overnight smoke of an 18 lb. brisket, which almost ruined the planned event we had scheduled for the brisket. BTW: connection strength at my smoker is 5 bars - verified. I inquired as to why it wouldn't just remain at the set temp and got the standard 'it a safety issue' reply which is really BS when you apply some logical thinking to it. i.e. if I was running manual with it set to 275 it would have marched on through the night happily maintaining 275. So relying on a $300 wifi control for overnight smokes is IMO, a gamble. JMTC :)


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Understood. I did have this happen one time a couple of years ago, but it was not because of my wifi, it was because my internet connection with the makgrillsmobile website was lost for a few moments. I wrote a note to MAK and they said they would look into it and perhaps increase the timeout timer for a lost connection (I personally think the FW should hold the current temperature indefinitely anytime the connection is lost). In any case, I have not seen this issue since then, and I have done at least a dozen overnight smokes in that time.

As to my original post, I was just saying I am using the MAK all winter for regular grilling now because it is even better at it than before. Wifi keeps me from having to go out and mess with charcoal and dampers and such in the weather.


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Smart move on the cabinet kit. I love mine... and it adds a ton of class to the overall look of the MAK imo.


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Here you go:


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