Mak 2 Star or Memphis Pro?


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well, someone is flying in from the east coast tonight to buy my '67 bug. since i will now have money, it's time to buy new grill. i just can't decide which one? help....:cool:


To me that's an easy choice. For the headroom, PelletBoss, remote controller, smoke output, innovative features not found on any other pellet pit and great accessories, the MAK is the smart choice


The Memphis gets hotter then the MAK. If you cook in the 500 to 600 degree range. The Pro is your choice.If you cook 500 and below I would recommend the MAK , but I am biased owning two MAK Grills. Both are well made and when you see them it shows. For us the MAK has more usable cooking space when using the extra racks.No matter which you choose, you will be happy. The MAK is always getting new stuff made available for it like the Griddle , the New grill grate, Remote pellet boss and some other items that Bob always has in the works. No other grill I know of has that kind of advancement always going on.


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I chose the Memphis Pro for the higher temps. I also like the dual hopper for mixing. Not disappointed in the least. That being said, I think you would like either one just fine. I think you need to find someone that has used both.


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I have a memphis pro and would recommend the mak at this point. If they are you only two choices I would go mak.

I find I rarely use the high temps of the memphis except on pizza and you better have one clean grill if you plan to run it up to 600 anyway.

I think with the new wireless controller and the apparent rock solid stability of the mak, there is enough evidence for me to go mak over memphis.

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Since you live in Cali and not in the cold north I think the MAK wins with all of it's features, Boss, Remote Boss, Programmable, Warmer side, and many more. Just a few things to consider.
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