MAK 2-Star Won't Ignite


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I am having an issue igniting my 2-Star. The temp sits at 95 and it reads "igniting". I cleaned out the firebox, restarted with the same result. I cleaned the firebox a second time, cleaned off the igniter rod, had it off and resting for 30 minutes before another attempt with the same result. It is not tripping the GFI at all. Any advice?

I purchased my 2-Star in 2012 and have gone through 2 igniter rods. Is it common to keep having this many ingiter issues in just over 5 years?


Hey cowdog, yes these older igniters can burn out because they are directly in the fire.
We have since redesigned the ignition system using heated air in the new grills.
You can purchase a retrofit kit (new fire pot and igniter holder) but it's not necessary.
just shoot us a call or email and we will get a replacement sent out to you.

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Thank you for the reply, MAK DADDY. I will call and check on a replacement and also check on retrofit kit cost.


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