MAK 3 Star General Unboxing


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Looks nice! Cooked on it yet? Pros/Cons?

Got a few cooks on it now. Did a turkey for Thanksgiving, Canadian, and it was nice being able to set the one side to smoke and the other side to the temperature I wanted. It's a bit narrower than the 2 Star but still lots of room. It's also nice that it gets hotter than my old 2 Star did and doesn't take as long to warm up.

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That turkey looks delicious! Is your unit on a roll cart or built in?

I didn't buy the cart and plan to redo my deck and build an outdoor kitchen next year but it's pretty much winter here now so I just have it on a temporary setup for now that you can see in the video.
That turkey barely fits. Doesn’t look like a spatchcock would fit. Looks like it needs to be a little deeper for that kind of money. Maybe the pic doesn’t do it justice but it looks kind of small front to back???


I am a bit confused by the comment about the 3 Star being narrower. The spec for the 3 Star is 30" deep. The spec for the 2 Star is 25" deep. Maybe the specs on the MAK website are old and the newer ones have different dimensions??


Great looking bird!!!

Yes the three star is a bit narrower as the hopper takes up room in the front of the grill where the 2 star has a side hopper.
Double the length though with lots of rack configurations for each side :)


Pretty dang awesome! I like the temporary setup you have and that turkey looks amazing.

Welcome to the MAK family.
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