MAK 402 Reporting for Duty


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The truck arrived with MAK serial 402 at 1200 this afternoon. By 1515 he was standing tall and ready for orders. With rain in the forecast ( and a big thunderhead bearing down on us) the only thing I will be testing is the cover. So the first first fire and seasoning will be tomorrow afternoon. First cook is a brisket. Took pictures of assembly which I will post on Sunday.


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Congrats Hobbit! Might want to put some weight on top of the cover (on the shelves will do) it makes a good chute.


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Rip, I remembered some comments so the cover is now secured with a couple of bungee cords. That will see me through tomorrow to a more permanent solution. Thanks for reminding me.

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Congrats on the new MAK!!!

Let's see... it arrived at 12:00 noon and was together by 3:15... Ha ha! You must have started assembling while it was still being pulled off the truck! Talk about excited :p.

So happy for you :).
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