MAK Smoked Steak House Mushrooms with R/S Prime New Yorks

Big Poppa

Had this itch to see if I could smoke some good mushrooms...I can. Now you can.

Preheat your smoker to 350
Get about 16 mushrooms clean and quarter, Add diced sweet onion, six cloves of chopped garlic and put in a pan. Pour in about a cup and a quater of red wine and then put about 6 slices of butter and season..(I used Big Poppa Double Secret Rub)


Place in the smoker for 20 minutes and then stir and cook for another 20

After about an hour they shoujld look like this

Meanwhile smoke your steak until it hits 125 internal

Transfer or put back on grill that is on high and sear for a minute then rotate for a minute and flip and repeat

Rest and then coat with the mushroom in red wine sauce and enjoy



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When I grow up, I wanna be just like Big Poppa

That is my menu for Saturday night.....
I have a rule about stealing great recipes; I always give credit to the source for the first 2-3 times, after that, I stole it fair and square and IT'S MINE :D Thanks for taking the time to take the pics and post it.


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I've used this mushroom recipe multiple times and even the mushroom disliking wife unit loves them. The sauce it creates is fantastic. HUGE thumbs up! Making it again tonight with some prime grade petite sirloin steaks from Costco, sauteed asparagus, and salad.

CDN Smoker

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Looks real tasty BP

Q; you do not wash the mushrooms? My wife has a habit of doing that and I think it adds more liquid than you want. I just give them a light brushing

Hawk Lax

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If you know what mushrooms are grown in, then you would definetly wash them off first. Big Poppas says "cleaned" I assume that is washed.


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Question from a rookie

This looks great. Can you grill/smoke both (mushrooms & steak) at the same time? With the mushrooms at 350 I'm wondering how to slow smoke the steak (around 225?) before searing. I apologize if I missed something. Thanks


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Sorry BP but I borrowed your wonderful mushroom/onion recipe this evening as a side dish to our MAK grilled porterhouse steaks. I usually cook our family meal on Sunday on the MAK but since I will be in BC that day judging BBQ, the wife asked me to do it today. It is a very rich and tasty dish that was enjoyed by all. I give you full credit for this creative dish. Thanks for sharing.

On another note I received the BPS rubs I ordered earlier this week. Having never used your products personally l am finding that I am having much enjoyment in the use of them. I really enjoyed using a combo of the garlic seasoning and the jalapeño/bacon rubs on chicken, they turned out like a good jerk chicken. Heat not overwhelming but at a comfortable level well integrated into the taste profile. I look forward to more uses of your rubs.

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