MAK Super Smoker Box Bacon!


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My first pics in a while...

Well, I was perusing my local Costco, and a minor miracle occurred: they had a great big pile of pork bellies for $2.39/lb. I bought an 8 pounder and the pics tell the tale!

Squared off and ready for curing:

Dry cure applied:

Overhauled and massaged every other day. 8 days later rinsed and let sit on rack in fridge for 24 hours, then smoked with hickory pellets in MAK Super Smoker Box 9 hours (overnight). MAK was on SMOKE mode, Maverick said temp was 90-100 degrees in Box. Slabs were hung vertically, but I got no pics cuz it was too dark, plus I was asleep. :rolleyes: Next morning, I upped the temp to 250 until bacon internal temp was 150:

Put in freezer for 2 hours, then sliced!

Result: BEST BACON EVER. I will be using the Super Smoker Box from now on!


That looks delicious! I have a batch of Tent's Apple cider bacon brining in the fridge as I type. Will smoke this Sunday. I hope it comes out looking as good as yours.
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