Memphis Ribeye


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Boneless with Wee Willy's dry steak marinade. Cooked to the warmer side of medium instead of medium rare so that my wife would enjoy it with me!

250* with hickory until 150* internal, then let sit for 10 minutes or so before cutting.

^^ very strong hickory flavor at 250* so I am going to try 265* next time for a little less smoke.




Big Poppa

Pete..strap the trousers on Cook it to your temp so she can watch you enjoy it.....You are a newlywed and need some coaching!


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Pants are on! She had a terrible day at work (new job) so I gave her a treat. Usually I cook to my temp then hack off a bit for her which I cook until burned...


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make her happy. you are newlyweds. nice. enjoy it. if she is happy you will be happy. i have learned after 28 years of marriage that "yes dear" goes along way.


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Yeah, make sure you listen to Big Poppa's advice for the home. He definitely wears the pants at his house. Plus he makes a killer steak.


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:rolleyes::D Does anyone want me to reply in this thread :D

Looks great Pete.

My husband like it medium rare just like me (I think;) )
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