Met BP at Clayton BBQ Comp - What a Brisket!

The town I live in has had a rib cook off for many years. Recently they have added KBCS competition. Started as ribs only, but now a full KCBS Comp for at least the last two years. BPS entered this year so I hoped to meet the man who introduced me to MAK and BBQ. I was not disappointed. Although I stopped by several times Friday night, I did not get a chance to meet Sterling. But I saw him on Saturday and he said I could stop by after the comp. He was sharing his knowledge with a small group, and then he brought out the brisket he did not turn in. All I can say is WOW!!!! His reject brisket was by far the best I ever tasted and made it very clear to me my brisket sucks! By the way, he got a perfect 180 on his turn in brisket, so I guess his reject brisket would have scored extremely well. He got 2 1st's and 2 2nd's and Grand Champion with a 708! Nobody even close. I had a great weekend and tasted brisket that I will forever aspire to! Here are a couple of pics of BP's rig. 2 old hickory's, one MAK 2 Star, and a UDS. Great weekend for me!





Very cool, and that is quite the Comp rig!

I've talked with BP on the phone and through PM's. One day I'll get to meet him in person.
That's awesome! It would be nice to know what rubs he used for that brisket & what he cooked on what cookers??!!

I asked about the MAK and he said chicken which is what I expected. He said the drum was for catch up, so I assume the other three meats are cooked on the Old Hickory’s. Even if I had an Old Hickory, I would not be able to cook a brisket like I tasted that day!!!

Big Poppa

Sorry for the delay! Great seeing you...we are on a pretty good roll three Grands and one reserve in the last four....
guys about brisket or anything its just perfecting your feel for when its done and how you rest.....
Clayton didn’t have comps in 2020/2021 due to covid. BP was back this year. It looks like he changed his rig a bit since the pictures I took in 2019. It looks like he still has the MAK 2 Star, but now has 2 drums and 1 Ole hickory instead of 1 drum and 2 Ole hickory’s like he did in 2019. But the results were the same, another Grand Champion with 1st in chicken, pork, and brisket and 4th in ribs. Another great showing!
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